Contribute 】 【 interesting 】 【 readers sina weibo: if I can’t resist!

this paper hunting cloud network readers from KT

this two days some god play microblog is fire, is called “kill”. Why the fire? Film after a female compatriots were gang-raped devil suddenly small universe, stands up to half empty, automatic wear pants, dozens of seconds between all the ana twenty or thirty days shoot, wrote a glorious hero.

this story really play them, let the old gentleman also for shame, only hate that year no see real master, teach “plank brick break time” stunts.

of course, still want to advise you, if let you encounter similar dangerous moment, if there were no real grasp, it is best not to risk. SAO, here said the “if” unfortunately, however, draw a circle and not a curse, you don’t have the tiger body does it one brace up.

this is back to an old saying goes, life is like rape, if you can’t resist, then learn to enjoy.

this reason gm in many industries, such as the Internet.

, for example, in baidu box input “hospital”, he recommend me a bunch of treating impotence premature ejaculation, the focus of the husband can accompany childbirth hospital.

again, for example, order of landing when, want to quietly endure again “news today”.

again, for example, social software installed on mobile phones, they will be very consciously scan over the mobile phone address book, and then you can choose not to scan.


in the Internet world, “rape” everywhere, there is no such thing as a free lunch after all, any a business company is not a philanthropist, he is always trying to make some money. To resist, the most thorough the most intense way is quit the network. But, as if you have to quit the master in the heart forever yearning for her, as pervasive in the network today, it was hard to quit it!

call waiting a message, according to the latest to get the tip, sina weibo with great concentration to build traffic advertising will be officially launched, there are below.


what is the information flow advertising? Elegant, is the system according to the relationship between your hobbies, interests, friends, etc., recommend to you the contents of advertisements in the flow of information. Upon hearing this, it is estimated that there will be a lot of people want to ‘criticisms, this is the domain of Lao zi, why it’s give Lao tze put advertisement.

of course, be “insert” how much is a little uncomfortable, but we might as well imagine this scenario, you eat to do not have what special requirements, the company has a lot of restaurants nearby, where are you every day to eat, eat what do “difficult” to choose, but suddenly one day, a meal before half an hour, you blink out a message in weibo, XX restaurant into a new package, is now on sale promotion, are you would rather continue to make tough choices or willing to try new packages.

bullshit again, big weekend broke shoes to play football, you say goodbye to the photo uploaded to the microblogging, result the second day morning to open the weibo, brush out a shoe sale information, but also from a store by the spectrum, how likely it is that your point?

may I brush weibo more often, so since the end of last year, it regularly to receive this kind of promotion. Frankly, most began receiving weibo advertising information flow, a bit like just to recite six sword excalibur spectrum of arteries and veins of broken jade, have beautiful siddhi, ineffective for pushing is fail. Later, broken jade meet dove, first forced to recite the sword spectrum, then took a dove the wisdom of the internal force, can skilled or something.

Pulled so much

, weibo advertising information flow where the dove, wisdom? Users! Do you want to ah, users are now always scolded advertising, isn’t it in force sina optimization algorithm? In a gears, sina interest in user interest and have a better accumulation behavior analysis, calculate internal force is not attract users?

so, now that sina weibo has made up his mind to modify the information flow of advertising, he was “stuck” has become inevitable, we how many some abuse, more targeted, met don’t like any advertisement directly choose to hide, propulsion system optimization algorithm better, estimated in this way, the advertising of the flow of information inside will slowly from “irritated dead people” to “might be interested in.

scold is not too big effect, don’t scold you can rape? Since can’t resist, then slowly changing ya!

and I want to say is, since you want to me, can you gentle, such as give some benefits, such as be inserted X time upgraded to members, such as X time you can send me a large seed doll!

weibo, I can only help you here!