“Comrade” domestic social applications is how to play?

author: Lin Zhaopeng

homosexuality expert professor zhang beichuan, Qingdao university estimates that the number of gay in China in 30 million, two-thirds of them are men. According to the LGBT Capital company (LGBT Capital) founder Paul Thompson’s survey, the market value of the gay Chinese as much as $300 billion, second only to Europe and the United States. Many gay because there is no pressure baby girl, their disposable income tend to more abundant.

so big market has given rise to a series of products aimed at gay community users. In gay social platform fly network launched three years later, comrade fiercely ling and his team released the app – Zank. And micro letter, devoted to stranger, Zank based on geographical location will be around strangers together, the fuzzy boundaries between strangers, and from online communication into a real contact line. Online less than 3 months, the current Zank subscribers has reached 150000.

Zank has been open since online registration, whether or not you gay. After installation, registered login, first there is the surrounding Zank user initiated date, have a dinner, singing, sports, movies, and other activities. Launched a new appointment functions are placed in the core position of the toolbar at the bottom of the Zank, users can launch all kinds of date shown in the figure below, after the new launch date will enter the application’s first screen, other users can choose to attend or ignored.

as a gay dating application oriented, Zank holding lesbian field is also understandable. Ling extremely told tencent technology, lesbians Zank version will be in a few weeks in apple’s App Store online. (mainly Hong Kong and Taiwan, southeast Asia and overseas markets) will be introduced into the corresponding English, traditional Chinese version.

Zank is not just a date

locate in Zank date function, ling extremely said according to the observation of their team found that the user has not only put the date as the only needs, so in the future will be appropriately extended, users in addition to date, but also to find someone to share, to exchange articles, etc., the features of the product will be modified accordingly. In the process of tencent technology trial Zank also found that besides Zank preset appointment type, sharing, work, carpooling date information of these products also appear a lot of, the “other” in the “start a new date” appear far more often than other date options.

as a dating application, Zank not defined as “booty call artifact” by many people, and ling extremely refused to these labels. He want the user to use Zank know each other, and then establish a friendship or love relationship, and sex is one of the many requirements. In order to avoid becoming a pure about application, Zank have special operations team, 24 hours a day to review the content, to avoid illegal pornographic content.

profit model of exploring

Zank quickly gain the attention of the capital. Online only 20 days, it is for the fabric first investment in China. As a considerable topic mobile application, people can not help but be curious about the profit model.

in response to the tencent technology, ling extremely special emphasis on the importance of offline activities. Fly ling extremely doing great network are found in the process of the comrades like meet offline, parties, because you don’t know each other gay at ordinary times, need to have a real communication line. Zank already and Beijing’s Funky cooperation have been carried out, destination and base bar, through the platform of Zank activities of propaganda. The cooperation just wide, at present can purchase tickets directly in the future. User opens Zank or Zank weibo can often see this kind of offline marketing activities, and Zank will provide a certain amount of discount.

in addition to the offline activities, Zank also will use the VIP model, make the members enjoy the advanced features, such as stealth capabilities, initiate can accommodate more people join dating activities, etc. “According to our investigation, some users have a need to ‘hidden body, they don’t want to expose their whereabouts.” Ling extremely think stealth function cannot be free: “otherwise everyone stealth. This is a very good point charges.”

it’s not hard to see with only 2 months Zank is still in exploring profit model, investors are more focused on their professional team comrade comrade (mostly) and the user’s consumption potential.

same-sex application market is not golden

so, gay application market seems to be a piece of fertile land. However, this does not mean that the market is golden. Because of the influence of traditional culture and the social concept, the Chinese society for acceptance of homosexuality is not high, at least lower than the western society, it also caused the gay community self perception is not high.

have Zank users hope can replace the application icon, because don’t want to be classmates and colleagues found. There are also many users did not use real heads in Zank, or directly use the default avatar. Privacy is a significant feature of gay people, if ignored user privacy, will not only cause harm to the user, product of huge loss of the user is in a flash. Protect the privacy of our users, therefore, should be a top priority of this product.

ling extremely hope can Zank in tourism in the future, many aspects, such as skin, clothing, and fitness services comrade, but the businessman in the process of cooperation with gay application will have scruples, avoid to affect heterosexual acceptance of its brand, unless the brand service only in gay people. It is also a gay application developers have to think about problems.

source: tencent technology