Comment on the domestic public platform A spectrum can have several?

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since the play “the public platform” created by micro letter, and quickly, admire evil spirit for standing at the gate of the mobile Internet company. Although everyday like justifiably rebuked tencent “plagiarism”, but this time, many companies began in turn “plagiarism” tencent.

as the spring breeze comes suddenly, “public platform” blossom. Now will be made public platform remains company has: sina weibo, alibaba, fetion, youdao. In my opinion, in addition to the most promising micro letter is the most lively, the rest of the platform for a few more is in the banner of “public platform” this hot word, can you into god only knows.

the most lively: WeChat public platform

micro letter public platform of hot since don’t have to say more. In January 21, micro letter users reached 300 million, distance to 200 million users only after 120 days. The personage inside course of study is expected to the end of 2013, households can break 500 million micro credit.

WeChat team in August 2012 launched a public platform, the public platform extends WeChat media properties, the user can be gained by focusing on the public account information of interest, and can share in your circle of friends. And this kind of attention and share the illicit close sex is stronger, to reach higher.

WeChat vast users and a variety of future earnings imaginary space, promote both stars, business, media, or personal to take refuge in the public platform.

review: the author believes that this is the most of the public platform.

defy most: sina weibo public platform

the popularity of micro letter stimulated the largest is the weibo, people used to play with mobile phones is a large part of time to brush weibo, get information from microblog, and there is a large part of the time playing mobile phones contribute to the micro letter, and micro letter public platform and circle of friends started to become a source of information, weibo nature.

sina weibo account, “the media public platform for media web client can release any alphanumeric key combination weibo, mobile terminal can push graphic information box, forms and WeChat public platform is very similar.

sina weibo media public platform is a bit like a product of anger, because sina weibo itself has a strong media properties, and the public platform for the media, to deal with the difference between them and the integration will be sina weibo to do the first task of the public platform.

it is said that weibo internal attaches great importance to the public media platform, the part will be open to the media test, fully open in May.

comments: sina weibo was set up very early to catch a late, not waiting for the large size to micro letter didn’t try so hard, this is likely to edge a small product.

most worry: ali prosperous letter public platform

can be seen from the name, ali prosperous letter is “ali wangwang + WeChat”, this kind of mobile IM products launched in April 2012, the original is a convenient communication between the seller and the buyer, but this is just the beginning.

in March, flourishing letter was exposed to do the public platform, although only one year, although the user data speculation only never, but flourishing letter already can’t wait to take this step.

, according to a leaked PPT flourishing letter public accounts have a radio, group three basic function, service, flourishing letter hope sellers public accounts to establish a link between the consumer, send tissue processing broadcast content to consumers, account to parent groups, events or topics can be discussed. Sellers on the shop, new, and through a service access account.

flourishing letter have to try so hard, a lot of new brands are already using WeChat public platform for marketing, interacting with customers. Allegedly micro letter next version will be equipped with payment functions, form mobile electric loop. And the launch of taobao wireless delayed effective mobile marketing tool, follow the public platform be dealing with.

comments: sincerely said, this is an upgraded version of the want want, what is the public platform? Besides, flourishing letter didn’t do, say what the public platform. Te.

the shanzhai: fetion public platform

sina weibo and alibaba launched WeChat public platform is in response to competition, but this is fetion jilted mobile Internet products and launch a public platform is a bit puzzling.

on April 8th, fetion quietly launched the public platform, but almost the entire interface “shanzhai” WeChat public platform, caused the industry ridicule. But fetion user experience of the public platform also dare not to compliment, good apply for certification need to upload the build official seal of the application form and all kinds of licenses.

why fetion do public platform? One view is that in the operators and tencent subject of micro letter charge to argue, mobile fetion public platform to sweeten with the market, attract attention, relieve their pressure. But in the end how to produce much effect is unclear.

comments: too lazy to review, or wash your sleep.

the impulse: youdao cloud notes public platform

youdao cloud notes some alternative public platform, because whether weibo, flourishing letter or fetion, at least are social attributes of the product, but youdao cloud notes such tool attribute of product, also urge to do the public platform.

youdao cloud notes on a public platform for the public account provides a personalized domain name, the account holder on notes content editing and management, and to other users.

youdao, cloud notes to social and media everything. The youdao cloud notes the function of the public platform is very limited, cannot subscribe, in the client cannot interact. How complete experience of public platform is realized in cloud notes? How to balance the media tools and attribute? This is youdao cloud notes do public platform to answer questions.

comments: although the impulse, although there are hype, but still have some meaning, the public platform of course also see youdao after updated.

source: sohu IT