Com 760 million sold 2345 company buying a 38% stake in energy sector

(editor: qing nan)

news about 2345 companies sell finally hammered out recently, just stock acquirers with an energy enterprise – zhejiang rich shares (002266), rather than the previous 360.

in early June of this year, hunting cloud network has learned that company about the sale and the 360 and 2345 baidu talks, according to the situation at that time, 360 on with baidu bid to occupy a strong position. As to why the failure in the final stage, still do not know the specific reason.

on August 10, zhejiang fu shares issued announcement, announced that the company and controlling shareholder sun yi will jointly invested 760 million yuan to buy a 38% stake in 2345, the company, in order to cooperate with the company’s strategic transformation. Among them, the company invested more than $650 million, sun yi paid no less than 110 million yuan. According to this calculation, company valuation closer to $2345 to $2 billion. However, trading was still in the stage of intentionality, finally still need general meeting of shareholders and securities regulatory commission for approval.

as 2345 the company legal representative, chairman and general manager, the controlling shareholder or actual controller com is benefit a lot. Announcement, he combined direct and indirect holding and controlling a 46.20% stake in 2345.

in the transactions, 2345, the company’s registered capital increased from the original 10 million yuan to 10 million yuan. After the completion of the capital increase, com combined direct and indirect holding and controlling a 76% stake in 2345. After completion of the capital increase, com again on the share transfer. Transaction is completed, the zhejiang rich shares combined with the controlling shareholder sun yi hold and control of the target company shares proportion and actual hold and control the proportion of shares the same com.

in accordance with the contract, the share transfer intention agreement signed within 10 days, zhejiang fu shares will be paid to the com deposit 200 million yuan; If December 31st, not formally signed share transfer agreement, 2345, the company should be on January 5, 2014 at the latest to repay the deposit in zhejiang rich shares.

2345 company performance?

2345 company is mainly engaged in the 2345 site navigation series product research and development and operation. Core product has covered PC and mobile terminal, mainly for the 2345 site navigation and 2345 browser, is the main source of revenue target company; Strategic products including 2345 software daquan, 2345 good compression software, independent research and development of practical tools such as 2345 king of the picture.

as of July 2013, 2345 PC users navigation at about 30 million, the third industry, after qihoo 360 site navigation and Hao123; Intelligent browser and accelerate the browser users more than 10 million, 2345, 2345 good pressure users more than 130 million; More than 2345 software books (the original software station) is the top three domestic software download station.

in the domestic top 50 sites, more than 70% of the company are in 2345 site navigation paid promotion. Among them, 2345

site navigation bring more than 10 billion times a year for baidu search, is currently the baidu union is the biggest one of the partners.

statement disclosure of financial data, according to company revenue of $2345 to $138.9 million, 2012 net income of 15.93 million yuan, in the first half of this year on revenue of 209.3 million yuan, net profit of 33.14 million yuan. Company promises: 2345 to 2013, 2014, 2015 net profit of not less than 80 million yuan and 120 million yuan respectively, 150 million yuan. If 2013, 2014, 2014 audited the cumulative net profit of less than 350 million yuan, 2345, the company will make compensation in cash, specific compensation mode to finally signed share transfer agreement negotiated by the parties.

zhejiang rich shares into our favorite stylemakers?

public information, zhejiang rich shares is a traditional enterprise, is committed to electric power equipment and engineering services, however, the company has established a new phase of the transformation and upgrading of strategic planning, in the development of the “energy equipment manufacturing, energy engineering services and energy investment and development” of the “energy” pattern of business at the same time, actively involved in the field of strategic foresight.

zhejiang rich shares, according to the share purchase intention agreement, marks will go into the Internet industry investment company, it is also the company industrial upgrading transformation foresight in investment management strategy beneficial attempt and explore in the field of emerging.

however, there are also the personage inside course of study says, with the trend of mobile Internet, the PC navigation website and software download station day has not much, zhejiang rich shares is the high price has certain risk.