Cloud computing reengineering new agricultural frontier 】 【 : use data to increase production

the author: phase hin

in today’s constantly promoting agricultural modernization, the traditional farming methods have been abandoned, combine harvester, agricultural vehicles, such as the wholesale use of modern agricultural machinery is rapidly improving crop yield and quality.

and more modern agricultural equipment, there is a way may bring great changes to the production of agriculture, which is on the basis of cloud computing on crops of genome sequencing, and from the qualitative change the quality of the crops. By changing the crops genes, scientists can develop a higher crop nutrient levels.

genome sequencing will bring qualitative change to agricultural

“sequencing base for group” for the public is still an unfamiliar vocabulary. In simple terms, by means of genome sequencing and gene can be used to measure the unknown sequence, to determine the direction of the recombinant gene with the structure, fixing the gene mutation and guide, and carries on the comparative study. If the cloud computing and genome sequencing combined application in agriculture, the scientists can be calculated according to the information provided by the cloud understands crop genetic evolution process, so as to achieve the goal of improve the yield and quality.

Spiral Genetics is such a company, it has developed the genomics algorithm based on cloud computing, this is equivalent to provide an information platform, people can obtain what they need data from the network.

however, Spiral Genetics co-founder and CEO scaled Mangubat adina.the had said to the media, compared with cancer gene therapy, for agricultural genomics attention is not enough.

cost the price difference between the data analysis and generate new markets

in fact, the cost of genome sequencing is very low, but the analysis of the genome sequencing data need to spend a lot of money. So sequencing exist in low cost and high analysis price gap between also created a new market.

the us New York jewish rare genetic disease research center manager of genetic counseling department Chaim Jalas to the media, said the genome sequencing is actually very simple, cost is low, now a personal genome sequencing costs only $1500 on average, but then carries on the analysis of the result of the sequencing stage requires a lot of cost, because of the need to recruit personnel, acquire analysis equipment and so on.

the BBC market research analysis company has been on the market forecasts, by 2016 the market scale will reach $4 billion a year on average.

from the current situation, more and more biological information consulting company began to network company and genetic data analysis, the need data from research institutions provide genetic analysis of cloud computing platform.

and just talked about Spiral similar Genetics, American DNAnexus co., LTD. Is a specialized provide data for genetic analysis of cloud services on the Internet, customers can upload data to our DNAnexus analysis and computing in the cloud computing platform of the company.

for farmers to provide decision-making reference for

except with genome sequencing, cloud computing in the process of the development of agriculture will also be able to do something else. Provide some effective data for farmers, for example, to help it better manage the farm work.

Farmeron is such a network data service, farmers can livestock through Farmeron to collect information, such as food, health, reproduction, milk production, such as drugs or drug kinds measurement information. And in the face of such complex data, Farmeron can help farmers to faster analysis.

in Beijing, a company engaged in cloud computing applications developed China’s first cow pasture cloud computing management system, to provide cooperation ranch cloud hosting, application software, pasture data pasture data intelligent analysis, data daily supervision service, and information outsourcing, expert intelligent analysis and other services.

the national dairy industry technology system, the chief scientist professor sheng-li li told reporters, the management system based on cloud computing provides an information platform for modern dairy industry development, to make more accurate and comprehensive data within the ranch, instant, and through the cloud computing data mining can help managers make decisions.

now, the data information for high-yielding agriculture will be able to play a crucial role, both increase crop yield and quality, and to provide decision-making reference for farmers, cloud computing will no doubt bring huge role in promoting this area.

source: tencent technology