Cloud computing need: amazon soil Microsoft to Google on the list

Beijing time on April 21, according to foreign media reports, only a few years time, cloud computing has become influence all the people daily life of a kind of science and technology, such as the personal files of cloud storage, mobile phone and tablet through the cloud to run all kinds of application software. In enterprises, the IT department, from the beginning trust cloud computing to now spend billions of dollars to make the layout of cloud services, these are the cloud computing has influence to the whole world. American technology blog website Business Insider recently concluded that the cloud computing is the most important 10 companies, they are:



the amazon is now the most important participants worthy cloud computing, because the company basically invented the laaS (infrastructure as a service) market.

the amazon cloud computing provides a lot of choices, from cloud storage pennies per month to more than $5000 per hour computer enhanced driver leasing, such as emerging startup Dropbox, sets are provided by the amazon cloud drive.

now also really into the amazon cloud computing market, and for its cloud services available with more safety features. Amazon also formed a corporate client sales team, amazon these measures just don’t want to let opponents Vmware, Citrix and it easily with its corporate clients.

IT’s difficult to imagine an electronics retailer, has changed the IT sector, but amazon made IT.

No. 2 Vmware

before VMWare does not provide cloud services, it is only used to build cloud computing software, named vCloud. The company one of the most important participants in the cloud software market, with it (by IBM, too joint operations) and hewlett-packard (HP) and Citrix are enemies.

vCloud designed for enterprises and service providers to a common set of cloud computing services, it support all application or operating system, and be able to select the application running position (internal or external). In march this year, the company changed its strategy, announced that they would build a public cloud. This is a very interesting decision, because the company said that to make the number of suppliers of cloud services by vCloud has reached 200, including Verizon and CSC. VMware now must compete with them carefully.

No. 3 Microsoft

Microsoft has a larger enterprise cloud, called Azure. Microsoft Azure is a PaaS (platform as a service) cloud platform, a lot of programming tools provided by Microsoft Windows platform developers to develop applications. Now Microsoft is the extension of the Azure to laaS market, support the Windows platform, allows the user to run Linux on the cloud. Microsoft is committed to provide similar to Amazon at a low price.

in addition to the Azure, Microsoft also provides a lot of enterprise application based on cloud platforms, including SQL database host and Microsoft Office 365.

No. 4 this name sounds with cloud computing is very close. The company through the SaaS (software as a service) model of cloud services to customers.

in 2012, performed a series of expansion, spent more than $1 billion for Radian6 and Buddy Media. At the same time, the company has raised $1 billion in debt financing way for acquisitions.

in addition, the company is also one of the important participants in the field of PaaS cloud services. In 2012, the company paid $212 million for cloud computing start-up Heroku, began to run their own applications.

No. 5 Google

Google last year launched its own laaS service – Compute Engine, is up in the cloud computing market.

but before that, Google around Cloud computing is developed, based on Google data center development including Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Google BigQuery a new big data Cloud applications.

in addition, Google also launched a consumer and enterprise cloud applications, such as Google Drive and Google Apps, the Chrome OS devices (such as this and Chromebox) also came from the cloud on the operation of the application.

No. 6 too

a too laaS cloud service providers, it by open source cloud services and to improve its current success.

it is an American national aeronautics and space administration (NSNA) and too cooperative research and development, with Apache license authorization, and is a free software and open source projects.

From VWware

too do not want to buy this kind of company they can’t control software, so it it built in collaboration with NSNA open source cloud service. In a sense, too created other cloud computing participants. Too do not own it, but it is in the open source cloud computing has become the power of the has been important in the league.

No. 7 IBM

IBM cloud technology it is important to have one of the participants. But in March, IBM decide to develop it. IBM said, IBM will provide public and private cloud services based on it and related applications, including its own “public cloud” (can be a service to sell), and “private clouds” (installed in enterprise customer data center).

by it support, IBM to encourage more enterprises and service providers to use it.

No. 8 Citrix

Citrix is another application service provider software, its two main rivals for VNware it cloud and open source operating system.

in order to compete with it, Citrix its cloud platform free of charge to the Apache software foundation, and the latter is a non-profit organization management of many well-known open source projects.

because it is free, in addition to the CloudStack platform for users buy VWware vCloud and use it again a choice. Of course, Citrix has its own business vision. People at the same time of using CloudStack, will also help other Citrix sell more data center software.

No. 9 Joyent

Joyent low-cost cloud services for large data centers. The company relies on its own cloud operating system, and the VWware it compete and Citrix.

founder Joyent Joyent Hoffman said: “the Joyent became need big data center service provider of choice, because its price is cheap. “

Joyent said they currently has more than 3 m customers, including workplace social networking site linkedin. At the same time, the company won the Intel, HP, EMC and Spanish phone company Telefonica investment. Venture capitalist Peter? Vettel also invested in the company.

No. 10 SoftLayer

SoftLayer holding one of the world’s largest private cloud computing and web hosting service provider. According to the report, IBM and EMC paid more than $2 billion to buy the company.

if EMC can succeed to SoftLayer acquisition, which will prompt the growth of the EMC partner VMware, VMware is currently trying to find new cloud computing program, one of the biggest opponent and VMware Citrix, SoftLayer is a big partners and clients. IBM has bid for SoftLayer is valued customers of the company and data center resources.