Cloud computing is to conquer the cia Amazon will sign a $600 million cloud service contract with the CIA

according to the federal computer reports of Frank Konkel, CIA ( the cia ) and amazon signed an da 600 million $, and the time limit for the 10 year contract.

if the details of this deal is true, this will change the enterprise cloud services market rules of the game.

Konkel citing anonymous sources said that, this is because amazon web services will assist in create a “private cloud”, and loading such as “big data” technology.

as spy need to do, on the deal, this is not an exception. will not admit the deal or comment, so specific information is not very clear. But the deal should be about “private” cloud, and amazon web services is not in this line of business.

amazon web services is one of the biggest “public” cloud providers. In general, the term “private cloud” mean in the company’s internal data center using cloud computing services. Public clouds is access to outside companies, the company’s hardware equipment used by many users. Because the common use of hardware equipment can save costs.

amazon have not interested in a private cloud. Many years ago, the company and even the use of private cloud opposing attitude. If some companies want to private cloud based on amazon’s cloud deployment, they often need to go to some startups, such as Eucalyptus Systems.

amazon the service as a real private clouds “. That still need to use the amazon’s hardware facilities, but additional security measures, make the use of more like a private data center.

if amazon into the private cloud business, this will have on the large private cloud companies like VMware and Citrix is a huge threat. ( this field as well as the , , cisco and other hardware makers. )

whether amazon’s attitudes towards private clouds make one hundred and eighty degrees, the into their customers is a very good idea. , and too, such as rivals often say their private cloud services than amazon is more reliable, more secure.


looks don’t agree with these companies.

we contacted amazon, but received no reply now.


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