Class Catch the company Notes application Notes announced it would shut down the service

is a class notes applications, similar to the company in addition to support iOS, Android system, it also can be used as Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer browser extensions for users. This app producers, however, recently announced that the company will be closed the app, and plans to transition to other areas.

the company on its official website announced the news, and in the form of email notification for every user. The Catch, the company said the Catch Notes will be officially closed on August 30, the user needs to export before this will be their own files. In plain text file at a time when China is everywhere (CSV) or compressed format (such as the company) in other similar applications. (click here, as well as)

it is understood that after the company in the seed round and A round of funding, harvest is from Excel Venture Management, A total of $9.3 million in financing. In a statement, the startup says, with the closure of, they will need to find a different direction.

in addition to Catch Note, the company’s other two apps, respectively (event agenda) and (a compass application). In view of the Catch transformation plan, however, we also don’t know whether these two apps will fate was shut down.

it is understood that in just a month ago, Catch had issued a for the application of enterprise project management and collaboration. The personage inside course of study analysis, or application of the above will be Catch one of the transformation of the target company.

face to reopen CatchNote, many users have expressed regret, and even have asked to reconsider his decision. According to the official GooglePlay data statistics, the notes application the installation of the Android platform is already up to 5 million – 10 million. In addition, the data from the iOS platform, according to the application in the global list of productivity tools (14), the top one hundred, while in the United States productivity tools list, ranked 198th. Given the iOS product similar product competition strength, the ranking is medium in popularity.

however, as the most powerful opponent, CatchNote company in both mobile and PC, is more popular. So far, the company’s outside financing has been as high as $251 million.