Chinese smartphone manufacturers are following a western rivals

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by millet smartphone manufacturers in China, in the domestic momentum very rapidly. The millet smartphone sales even more than the apple in China. Now, these mobile phone maker, actively expand overseas markets. They are close to the distance between the western rivals.

according to The Guardian (The Guardian) network reported that smartphone users in China than millet apple’s appeal. In the western world, people have never heard of millet this mobile phone brand; But, in the Chinese market, the brand’s mobile phone sales more than the us technology giant.

in Europe and the United States, apple iPhone 5 or samsung Galaxy phone users will soon discover that like yulong and zte’s brand is grab their attention. Due to the very successful in the domestic market, the Chinese smartphone makers have appear confident, ready to challenge the technology giants.

about a third of the world’s smartphone sales in China, and millet is succeed in domestic then walked to the international stage of one of the five companies.

, according to market research firm Canalys Chinese smartphone sales accounted for one 5 of the total global smartphone sales. The rapid development of China’s largest mobile phone maker, has started to shake up the entire mobile phone industry.

the market research firm Gartner, said the world’s ten biggest handset-maker has four is China. They – lenovo, yulong, huawei and zte — wasn’t known outside China, now the size is still a lot smaller than samsung and apple. However, sales of the four companies have more than the nokia and blackberry.

now, it seems, China’s mobile phone maker, seems to have no longer satisfied with the production of the traditional role of a mobile phone for someone else. On the contrary, they are prepared to use its own brand to compete for market leadership.

lenovo actively expand overseas markets

it has more than HP, the world’s largest PC vendor. , the company announced this week that the sum of its mobile phones and tablet computer sales has exceeded the traditional computer.

as potential buyers of the blackberry, lenovo smartphone sales annual growth rate of 144%. Although the company’s laptop is common in the UK retail stores John Lewis and Dixons, but it’s 95% of the mobile phone is still sold in China. In China, it’s mobile phone sales in the second place, second only to samsung. But, as the shrinking PC market, lenovo has made no secret of his goal is to expand overseas.

the company CEO Yang yuanqing, put forward the strategy of “two fists”, namely, one hand to protect their homes, the other one to overseas. Starting out in Beijing this month, lenovo big marketing, it even brought in U.S. basketball star Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant).

lenovo’s first foray into the overseas market for smartphones are some emerging markets, including Russia, India and Indonesia. Moreover, the company also said, in its recently entered the market, it has won 5% of the market share.

“we have a very positive expansion in overseas markets.” Lenovo mobile President who said this week that “in the long term, we hope we can give lenovo overseas markets contribute more than half of smartphone revenue.”

ensemble, the remarkable skill

China as the world’s sixth largest smartphone vendor, it also made no secret of his overseas expansion plans. It has its own mobile designer team in London, in London and globally released Ascend P6, even the founder of Europe’s largest mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse Charles stone deng (Charles Dunstone), there is its activities. Huawei is more well-known equipment manufacturers, is the identity of its contract with the mobile network EE and BT helped it to become second only to Sweden’s second largest supplier after Ericsson. Huawei’s revenue of about $35 billion a year, mobile phone accounts for only a fraction of, but it is growing.

is the full name of yulong yulong computer communication technology co., LTD, which is equivalent to the blackberry in China.

the company by the chairman of Guo Deying was founded in 1993, it’s cool smartphones raised privacy Settings, to get the favour of the government officials and business people. The phone’s best-selling will push the yulong, the world’s fourth-largest smartphone supplier location. However, it is in the development of China’s overseas tentative. Last summer, it is a network with the United States signed the first contract, commissioned the latter sell carry Google cheap 4 g Android smartphones. It has the highest sales reached 900000 units.

row seventh place in the world is zte, like its rival huawei, its main business is telecommunications equipment and network equipment, such as a modem family. The company was founded in 1985, belongs to the half of state-owned properties. Its low-end mobile phones have become more and more popular in the United States. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, zte is the nation’s fifth largest fastest growing smartphone supplier.

millet founder lei jun is always wearing his trademark black T-shirt and jeans, he has become the representative figure of China’s new generation of technology entrepreneurs. His casual dress in product release and moving speech, earned him the name “jobs in China”. However, lei jun did not want to focused on expanding the overseas market, he wants to millet into a software company. Its Internet platforms, including games, the Internet market and social instant messaging applications, can be made more than $300 a month. Lei jun think this number can also become higher. “Sales phone millet as amazon Kindle.” He said.

for millet, a smartphone is a can be used to sell more profitable software platform; For other Chinese phone makers, smartphone is the key to the global mobile phone empire.

source: tencent technology