China yahoo mail will be closed on August 19 By ali cloud over

(Beijing time) 4 on 18 day news today Chinese yahoo mail users receive official mail, according to yahoo! Mail to on and , stop the service, the user data will be temporarily by ali cloud mail to take over.

mail said, users can register ali cloud email to save the history of Chinese yahoo mailbox mail, until the 2014 , 12 on 31 day. Yahoo tip at the same time, all the operation need to be in the on and completed before, if not for the operation, the original mail and contacts in the Chinese yahoo mail will be deleted and cannot recover.

after the mail, caused many users to discuss, most person did not think of the Internet’s oldest yahoo mail will be in such a way to exit the market in China.

this activity also were outside the mailbox user expression of anger, “ 7 in my photo album, all gone, I forgave you, still continue to use you to register all of the accounts, now people abroad, let me apply what ali cloud, but also domestic cell phone number verification!” .

“I series is yahoo email account, it is pit dad!” , in weibo discussion, this kind of vent still occupy the mainstream.

China yahoo said in last mail, the mail stop taking yahoo will not affect users continue to try other products and services.

head yahoo global platform has said recently, yahoo will be in the 4 in closed products, including the blackberry applications, yahoo Avatars and Message Boards , etc., this time, the Chinese yahoo mail walking in the forefront.

2005 , month, alibaba group reached a cooperation agreement with yahoo, yahoo to 10 $cash, and then also said that yahoo China (now called China yahoo) assets, alibaba group about replacement 40% common shares, as the majority shareholder of alibaba group.

after the development of Chinese yahoo is not satisfied, on the left out a few years later, in the near future about alibaba group plans in the 5 month will be returned to the United States “yahoo China” yahoo! News. Relevant agreements but ali responded that the two sides is in implementation process, there is no need to release.