China mobile tianjin senior alleged corruption be taken away

the author: xiao-fang ma

“die” after more than a year, China mobile’s corruption case again.

yesterday, “first financial daily” reporter learned from China mobile insiders that a top tianjin mobile has taken on April 23.

this is the last February, China mobile lu xiangdong, vice President after being investigated, China mobile again involved in the highest level of management. Have, the sources said the day before yesterday, China mobile’s people were “taken away” the country up to five people, the tianjin mobile top is one of the highest level, before this, he has accepted the relevant departments of the investigation and the “question”. The rest of the four people, respectively is the middle of guangdong mobile and Inner Mongolia mobile, including the guangdong mobile a mid-ranking continue to return to just one day after work, others situation is unknown.

suffered revenue and profit growth on the one hand, on the one hand, the challenges of the new applications such as micro letter is that mobile operators, silent for more than a year after the outbreak of corruption case again to China mobile’s turbulent becomes more difficult and long.

tianjin mobile high-level lok ma

according to our reporter understanding, the tianjin mobile top has formally notified about China mobile group, on April 24, China mobile DangZuHui was held, also saw huang wenlin, vice-president of China mobile group 24 to tianjin in the afternoon, called tianjin mobile workers do the internal bulletin, said to be the successor, basic work arrangements are deployed.

“should be related to him in another province mobile executives during SP business.” To a person familiar with the matter told our reporter. “SP business is the most prone to the field of trade power, also the most easy to get caught.” The person familiar with the analysis.

since December 2009, China mobile, the former party secretary zhang chunjiang involved in corruption cases, for the first time to now the tianjin mobile executive involved, China mobile, the “fall” management has as many as 12 people. Sichuan mobile data with the data business related department, general manager of the original xiang-dong li, group deputy general manager of HP and former minister, zhuo hope, CEO of data Ye Bing.

at the provincial level management includes: the original sichuan mobile general manager li hua, the former anhui mobile, China mobile, general manager of the human resources department, general manager of schwann, chongqing mobile Shen Changfu, general manager and deputy general manager of hubei mobile Lin Donghua etc.

according to our reporter understanding, the people of the massive corruption case does not exist “nest”, the characteristics of the data and the SP business trade power and corruption because of the equipment procurement and accounts for a considerable proportion. Yesterday our reporter learned that, according to the latest news in accordance with the relevant department’s official notification, the amount involved is the highest Ye Bing, including company such as the amount involved is as high as 230 million yuan, the second, horsepower is about 120 million yuan.

Has been

from lu to the top of tianjin mobile, two “right” time interval of more than a year, it has to charge “micro letter” with China mobile.

why China mobile’s corruption case so much? Why was again? There, according to people familiar with the matter as early as January, an internal meeting of the state council on several state “extravagant”, “crony of choose and employ persons”, “management lax” three major problems such as call them directly to being criticized in the five central enterprises including China mobile.

after Mr Xi as China mobile’s chairman, 2012 working meeting of specialized puts forward three strategies for the future development of China mobile, namely the strategic transition, reform and innovation, clean health. Anti-corruption and integrity has been high for one of the three strategies of China mobile. China mobile is also trying to nationwide through rotational solutions such as “government provinces of years long in one place and the interests of the collusion and rent-seeking space, obviously, it is not enough to put an end to corruption.

our reporter also learned that the auditor will be released at the before and after the “May Day” on the part of the state audit report, choose part of the state for financial audit every year is one of the routine work of audit. And the year before last year, the national audit office has issued the audit results for China unicom and China telecom, the two companies have been found to more than ten questions.

according to people close to the auditor, the auditor to be released for nine state audit results, found a total of 178 items, including a China mobile accounts for a third.

according to the China mobile’s 2012 annual report, China mobile’s earnings rose only 6.1%, profits rose 2.7% year-on-year, dropped to historic lows. What’s worse, this trend will continue, even if China mobile can mount the td-scdma LTE in the coming years to make up for the defects in the 3 g market technology and the current pressure of competition, still have to face many problems such as huge capital expenditure.

compared to the business development can be sustained, can further refinement in the internal management, put an end to corruption, with the system is already up to more than 5600 one hundred million yuan of China mobile the most urgent task.


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