China mobile telecoms licences vodafone bid for Burma

mobile today evening, according to the announcement of the company with Vodafone (Vodafone) to the telecom operators tender evaluation and selection committee submitted a joint preliminary application, to apply for a nationwide in Burma built, owned and run public telecommunication networks and to provide public telecommunications service licence telecoms licences (Burma).

the main body of the joint vodafone bid for China mobile co., LTD., China mobile group owns a 74.18% stake in China mobile co., LTD., about, the remaining 25.82% held by the public.

it is reported, myanmar’s mobile phone penetration rate is less than 10% at present, the government plans to the local telecommunications licence number increased from 2 to 4, encourage widely deployed mobile communication network in the whole country, improving the quality of the network, mobile business. New licence to hold a in 15 years within the valid period of the initial construction, owns and operates nationwide in Burma mobile network.

statement in mobile board also reminded investors, companies with Vodafone’s preliminary application may be successful or unsuccessful, and the company with Vodafone may or may not be awarded to the Burmese telecoms licences. In addition, the myanmar’s telecoms licences proposed application is still at a preliminary stage.

last year, vodafone successful acquisition of cable around the world, due to the acquisition of vodafone to become the world’s second-largest telecom operator, second only to China mobile.