Chen: mobile game might be good for angel investors, listed it is not easy

Mr Chen told the economic observer, everyone in the fourth quarter net loss of $75 million is a must.


“the investment losses, every company must bear. In the words of Joseph, and the company will continue to increase investment in the field of mobile, looking for new opportunities in cement on the basis of existing products, as soon as possible into a real mobile Internet company. Now in the glutinous rice and wireless network the largest and will hold all the company’s future, and group purchase and games business may spin off listing in the future.”

Joseph Chen stressed that half of all the future lies in the wireless business.

at the beginning of 2012, when all the wireless department in a platform of the company. But Mr Chen immediately said, “stop! Only a few users are not allowed to build, you.” Chen thinks, can become a platform is a good thing, but this kind of business model is the product of the PC era, mobile Internet era is difficult. If only look at the wireless, China smart phone if there is no more than twenty million active users every day, basic don’t think too much platform strategy.

Chen, to indicate that the department (application layer) to go up and down (operating system, etc.) don’t go, because he felt “up” will be safer.

in Chen’s view, from hardware to operating system, the operating system, the application of the above and to the Internet cloud services, the wireless Internet filling objective laws with the PC era are different. And the most should pay attention to is the operating system is not the same as the client also.

“if you stand in the way of the operating system, may not have a problem, there are cheap can be accounted for, but there must be a problem for a long time.” Chen said.

Chen, see through the apple’s business model is “by software attractive by hardware to make money.” So apple on the application platform of the rules of the game – algorithm, is something new, developers have courageously to do something new, and consumers also formed the habit of eating fresh goods. Good APP will fire one day, the second day reached its peak, then we began to go down. An APP to fire for a long time is difficult.

it is for this reason also, Chen, the new project of wireless is very cautious, he is not willing to own into, like the 5000 group-buying websites, finally “body” is the ecological system of “fertilizer”. The early small projects for up to five people to “training”.

Chen, watch the game but think it’s difficult to independent public mobile game

he profoundly realize the mobile phone is a new platform, rolled the never play games, shows that the market is very big. But he believes that the market is fully mature, need five to six years in another one or two years high speed growth, not make big mistakes, as long as everyone company must be “good”.

“god sent a chore to our dry, wireless Internet most get rewarded. See you next year there will be a large number of companies start to come out to spit, do not sell out products adhere to a few years – and mobile phone can’t, because no one bought, nobody present home buying investment.” Chen said, “I have much bitter, others have more bitter. Mobile game might be good for the angel investment, can earn profits, but if you want to size and with this financing finally launched, it is not easy.

from: economic observer