Chat with zhang: out of six

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute the Chen

this is the first time two years after I left sohu bye Charles. In modern words, I now is a yao was called into you and your family are from the media from the media, a founder of the science and technology media Bianews, a staff of sohu IT two years ago, leaving a marketing director in orange crystal hotel work honestly.

anyway, I tell stories with their own way, I use to express their emotions.

this chat don’t formally, nor a interview. On Saturday afternoon, in the sohu’s new house, zhongguancun, sohu media building, 18th floor, Charles in the coffee lounge, mocha is very good. And I are YangMiao together, we were both WeMedia from members of the media alliance.

this chat a little bit surprised, this time in accordance with the previous pattern, it must be lead journalists rushed to sohu group to visit. This time not to do so. Media reporters should be seen countless times, Charles also interview with countless times, I don’t like today when IT channel to chat face to face, there will be pressure before and after all is to serve the boss’s point of view, no pressure now, anyway, I do the media is playing soy sauce.

weibo record two years ago

he is earlier than the appointed time to, my first impression was thin, left sohu two years ago when I met him in the noodle shop downstairs to eat noodles. In sohu to see the boss is very easy to very random, elevators, stairs, toilets, restaurants can be met, but the average employee is not easy to talk with my boss.

we first visited the 18th floor scenery, coffee shop, a giant TV conference rooms, viewing room, big balcony, than before the headquarters of the wudaokou sohu network building to style a lot. Media, video, etc are moved to here.

our topic is divided into two categories, one is the entertainment video class, a class, the Internet to chat about 90 minutes. When it comes to entertainment and video, Charles almost without thinking, when it comes to the Internet, a little insensitive not smooth. This may be related to his interests and closed time is too long, we are not pure ask way, also to share his views about something.

Charles is a recent appearance on the “Yang LAN interview”, declaring himself get rid of the anxiety is about to return, and river’s lake need capital, go back to bright. To go back to the earth from Mars, which business line is the foothold, read the chat you know, there are my opinion.

1, about anxiety and retreat back to

tell Charles had been before the two words very impressive, a name is false, a call anxiety. False from the fantasy and anxiety from the pressure. Charles said with snow mountain lack of extreme anxiety, depression might have been conducting self struggle, but no problem, now already came out.

after looking at an interview with Yang LAN interview record of Charles, I am quite puzzled why he has to come out, as the first generation of the Internet, apparently already established, can enjoy life, you see ma shi yuzhu have announced the nominal retirement. Chinese Internet granting titles to gods on the history of the early have a large, should be for him, will gain it out and river’s lake is the sweater?

of course sometimes felt anxiety like the media agenda setting, are intended to set. Charles answer this call through reengineering.

mobile Internet with sina weibo, tencent has WeChat, while new pattern on the PC, BAT regime three entry already, what do you fight runescape?

this is probably most people the question to ask.

he said comeback doesn’t care about the results, this is a question of the meaning of life. He said the meaning of life is a kind of engagement, correlation and feeling, don’t care whether to return to the glory.

heard he said “I now age is not big, the body is also very good,” this sentence when I’m happy. I sent a notice on Saturday, after you see the photos, had the good friend message says look as young as I am…

this is the meaning of life, be sure to come out, not only yourself in your life, and to continue on the public stage continue to scampering, engaged, and sohu now there are still some opportunities.

this is his answer.

I like the word scampering, words, grounding gas. But how to let the public accept to return to, don’t care about the results is difficult, takes time.

2, about the perception of the Internet landscape

this is the topic of Buddhism. Charles said that his opinion is similar to everyone, the challenge for the BAT baidu inside now. Marriage for alibaba and sina weibo, careful observation, he said to see alibaba have technology to convert weibo real to successfully model.

when Charles admitted that weibo had up the potential if he did not retreat, perhaps to sohu weibo into a valuable product, he was in the study of some social networks and reading a book. But these are the assumptions, not if. The white society, sohu weibo in fierce run every day, but then all of a sudden, dissipate in the invisible.

can hear he has some regret, but that’s history, the chance may not all was caught by a person, it is impossible to get all success. Time in fragmentation, opportunities are fragmented.

3, three opportunities with the nation strategy about sohu group

this paragraph is the core, is sohu opportunity at present, is he back to flash CARDS. I’m afraid I paraphrased, as the first person as record.

the first opportunity is high-end media platform. Sohu have media genes, do media must have two genes at the same time, one kind is channel genes, namely technology channels gene, gene is a kind of media, also is the content of gene, the two genes together is not easy. Some organizations prefer to technology, some organizations are too biased towards the media content, the information demand is the demand for human will never fall, never need. Sohu news in speed up the customer.

the second opportunity is entertainment and video. The nationalization of the entertainment industry and the rise of television leads to a large number of young people to use a variety of ways to see the video content of the Internet, sohu has occupied the quite good channel, we can play in the field of video of the genes in the entertainment, no matter in the aspect of channel or in terms of content, but now the competition is fierce. We reported the TV drama TV series, and entertainment is a characteristic of original programming and so on, including marketing propaganda spread and content, used to do enough, still have considerable space, can have room for improvement.

the third chance is a delegate with sogou input method and search software and entrance. The power of the sogou pinyin not comprehensive. Whether video or sogou is can pass two growth modes, one is the growth of organic type, very strong growth, another is the nation, there is some chance.

and our purse is swimming game, game swim team is very good, continue to grazing land, share is now the third, the profit is the second. Sohu have billion dollars in cash now, still can do something.

he mentioned the strategy of the nation, in fact I understand is effective, what other alliance, strategic cooperation signing is coax ghost moth. Sohu around 2000, a large amount of the purchase, including 17173, focus, Chinaren, vertical sites, integrated into sohu matrix, but for quite a long time have no acquisition, Charles frequently mention recruit, obviously a hint. My guess is that in the video and sogou will have capital movement.

but now he felt undervalued sohu shares, is not conducive to capital operation.

4, about the sohu video do

the current pattern basic video a video line camps for second-line video as the template, youku buy potatoes, baidu iQIYI acquisition of PPS. The rest of the sellers is running out, can count out and thunderbolt av, PPTV see, the storm.

will further questions relating to the acquisition, Charles said “I can only say to here on this subject”.

before allegedly sohu video and audio storm, thunder and see all made acquisitions of negotiations, but ultimately did not complete the transaction.

Charles said, sogou and video in two more competitive fields, then through the internal mechanism of formation of the two competitive business line. Now he is ready to return to grasp a sohu video.

the sohu video anti-piracy, that is quite perky. But to tell the truth, in these two years, sohu video slightly, and still there is no a special public, parallel on the tramp. That Charles’s position, can be read out his will as sohu video.

he said to himself, I raised in a word, particularly bad river said Charles grasp what hangs himself. Charles smile, say yes, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care about this sentence.

sohu video do, down is the content of sales and purchase channels of publicity. I think the most important thing is, of course, sohu video have a new face, endorsement means that the baton, attention, resources and capital movement.

5, about media shape change and the rise of media

weibo, WeChat, sohu news after client rise, since the media suddenly hot topic and development, also is mixed. For this topic from the media, he thinks this is media privatization stimulated the media and the media change.

words: media form, great changes have taken place over the past two years, more sharp, this is a process of privatization. Before the media, at least, is the background of state-owned enterprises, now popular since the media, each person to write the best article or write the most intelligent, but also in the spread of the SNS can cause must be better things, this is actually a kind of the privatization of the media. This feels a bit like the United States, like a house of CARDS, a journalist had told some bonus points to write the best article officer immediately, this is the characteristics of the private media. Everyone CARES about him the report out the contents of the quality and exclusive.

now the spread of the spread of the channel is not traditional channel, channel diversity caused the didn’t make how much can you put the momentum spread, but said how good your quality, is the Message itself, you can pass this Message itself so wide, a picture or a paragraph. Now you no matter how to press conference if the content is very moderate or very boring, nobody CARES about.

I read this passage mean, content or marketing. No content, don’t pull marketing. Previous mass model is extensive, it is sent to IP and search engine, now want to have a view, have no opinion of news is unreadable.

now readers in consumer sentiment, not cold assembly line work.

on the development of the media, he thought to form business model, and formed some organization. Since the media business model to form as soon as possible, since the media from the formation to everyone for the spread of brand awareness he thinks is a business, organization, to the survival of the enterprise finally can form can make money, so will truly ecological.

this is the first big Internet public opinion from the media is one of the most important. Information and channel, in short, has been to deconstruction, have the content and the attitude of content can be spontaneous. The flow of information between is actually the communication between person and person, if you still carry identity to create content, readers would have tired of.

I mentioned from may assist commercial media’s agent, is mainly responsible for the media content, other business model to the agent to complete.

to himself the at the same time through the PC and mobile phone to get information. Are already using micro letter, but haven’t started to subscribe to the public, ready to start learning and acceleration. “I’m just back from another planet, it is not clear what changes have taken place in the earth, trouble recommend help me to speed up, now really feel this way.”

6, about how to measure return engagement and success scale

he read from two dimensions, one is the business level, another dimension is the social level.

Commercial level:

the first, he wanted to sohu news and media platform can lead, and develop the corresponding business model, not only become a public platform, but also can generate profit and contribution to the group of income.

second, sohu video can remain in the first group to achieve profit and start a positive development, like swimming, provide a good cash flow and profit. If collective to foster business all can form the scale profits and don’t think you less income, Wall Street investors measure is one of the most single index when sohu stock prices go up, sohu market value when can turn up. Sohu market value less than $2 billion, how to double to $5 billion, further to $10 billion, so first.

social level:

Charles: first of all, I personally want to change China’s entertainment industry, the Chinese built in Hollywood, let the Chinese people can enjoy the real good quality work. Have a larger space in this field, in the hope that the Chinese entertainment industry to make like Disney, warner or that this is our dream.

second, sohu media platform can in a constructive manner and adapted to the Chinese history gradually promote the progress of China, promoting China’s development is an important Angle can introduce foreign things to China, China still needs to enlightenment, and starting from kang youwei, liang qichao, enlightenment is much faster because the Internet now. The Internet lead to the younger generation with the world, like music, like to work, with the product, what happens in the United States, such as “house of CARDS” on our side immediately on an American television, enlightenment is accelerating now. A short span of 20 years, I think in the process of promoting China’s progress, enlightenment is important one way is to introduce the advanced world.

this is the core content of the first time to chat, there are also some other topic, but I’m not interested, so I think I am not interested readers may also went to see it. I simply tell about me to come back to Charles’s understanding and views.

1, sohu various lines of business and subsidiaries to be ready for kneading. He talked about the sohu video problems, talked about the sogou input method there is no best, and made it clear that the subunit products must consider the overall business of the group. Swim to spin off listing, sogou spin-off, sohu video splitting, independence also brought mutual synergy. How to make good use of sohu first hand some advantage card, now it is a full of problems.