Character night way: ma to older employees “surgery”

NO. 2 this writing: Wang Shuang

remember a joke? Tencent’s negative news all over the sky flying, tencent’s pr just wake up. Behind this joke said that penguin welfare is too good, staff slack also approved for high salary. At 3 PM, however, still can reply email staff penguins always carry traverse to the child ma certainly don’t want to be like this, I have you, give you pay, give you the whole options, give you the whole trip to Europe, you don’t work hard can do it?

this is not, in the mind of the penguin rectification movement meeting, ma said:

“in the case of such a change to us how to win the battle, how to get better? The requirement of people is very important. We mentioned to have passion, studious, open, I mixed a, I want to say is, from the intuitive feelings, we hope that the atmosphere of whole management cadre is very hungry.

to solve these problems, what do you really want to as their own home, want to have a urgent mission is likely to do it. If in the past decade, many colleagues to join our time is very long, slowly, slowly, “skin”, should actively give place to the next generation more proactive team or cadres to lead the team.”

well, ma’s words with strong love and murderous look, tencent platform, as well as you don’t squat toilet shit! Don’t work well! Rolled your stocks or home pension! Point of view, the day after tencent along the older generation of tencent staff sad.

tencent the size of the company, the heart to qi, the effort to use together, thought rectification movement is much more to do. Tencent to tighten the KPI this pocket.

have finished one of BAT, and another person in the BAT: jack ma. Because alibaba group listed it, Mr. Ma has become the focus of the industry. About the partner system, outside also. Now, as a living fossil of the IT industry business leader liu open out pretty ma.

business value editor Zhang Pengzai weibo in cites a Mr Liu. Mr Liu said, “I can understand the system of ma partner purpose in particular, special also understand he is willing to give up Hong Kong decision.”

in Mr Liu’s view, enterprise listed later if not careful design system, it is easy to become assets on the nominal owner, and direction for the future is not the actual owner. He said at the same time, witnessed the HP because of the rapid decline to lose after real master. This is a only personally do business people know the real danger.

Mr Liu said makes sense, HP is rapid decline after the master that has been lost. He should be in the first public to come forward to support Mr. Ma’s business leaders. As the leader level, willow hierarch say a word, the industry is to shake a shake, small make up back in the evening and check the price of ali’s shares in private transactions up not…

Internet circles have always does not lack, but the next leader is not the Internet circle of people, I always hold not to live. Has been main business is offline new Oriental yu minhong, chairman of the board of education, online education is so hot now, let’s just treat as insider. Mr Yu leader does not teach you English this time.

yu hierarch speech at harvard, said “now the Internet is called a word: 4 b Youth, Chinese translation is a little soil, called” 4 b young man, “you know what is” 4 b “? The first is bitter B B, The second is 2 B, B, The third is to B, B The fourth B is SB. Why do you say these are the local tyrants are 4 b youth?

why? I don’t understand, alas! You go to see the original himself. Around a curved, small make up want to say is, just liu teach main quite the ma, yu, also take Ma Yunju example, give you cook a motivational soup:

I also want to mention jack ma, ma is learning English, he knows what the Internet? He so far all don’t know how to get to the Internet, do you believe it or not? He seldom use E-mail, because he told me that he can’t open it. But the horse cloud created the miracle of the Internet in China, you see his e – Bay a tight squeeze out China, e – Bay, bull was much in the world. Really don’t need to understand the leadership of the specific technology, don’t even need to know why this thing is, MAO zedong had never touched a gun, but there is no doubt that MAO zedong is the world’s greatest military strategist.

so everyone has their own strength, the strength is not necessarily what you learn. Two days before the President speech said Peking University people out of work honestly, because they have little to do professional thing, I learn it is in this way, because behind learn, learn is mastery rather than the knowledge points, if you learn that is the point still proud of that point, then you as an ordinary scientist or a thinker can be in the specialized field.

after hearing these words, small make up in tears to dawn: edit what earning? Don’t want to, yu leader also; don’t stop the Chinese partners cheated this movie! Ha ha ha!

“partner in China” this movie is what I use it to see, the screen is in good condition. But apple is a little trouble now! Now the industry has a lot of questions about apple’s voice. After this, apple’s former CEO sculley sit not to live, he suggested that apple should buy eBay.

sculley said, apple will usually buy a few small technology companies, such as in 2010 acquired Siri, and later to the company’s text-to-speech conversion technology used in the personal assistant of iPhones and iPads, but apple should focus on some real big technology companies, such as large corporations like eBay. “Because you will suddenly found that the electronic commerce environment has changed.” Sculley said, “now that apple has such a large cash reserves, the company should use it, to constantly create, rich product line.”

if apple bought eBay, later will open the apple will pop up display, do you like the goods have been 98% of people prefer…

regardless of the man’s advice is to use, but this man had jobs out of the door it is to determine the history books.