Bloomberg “bezos biography” let Mrs Bezos, refute and give 1 star bad review

recently, from Bloomberg senior editor Brad Stone (Stone) Brad a book describing the Amazon development and Bezos, Mrs. Bezos disquiet. Mackenzie, Bezos ms with the help of an electronic bookstore Amazon platform.

stone this book called “behind The secret: BEZOS AND AMAZON times (The Everything Store: JEFF BEZOS AND The AGE OF AMAZON). This book tells the story of the Amazon from building to become business empire events and insider, and highlighted by a genius “wisdom and the integration of arbitrary” type of leadership – Bezos.

however, Bezos wife said the author of the book there are a lot of factual mistakes in writing, and with too much emotion, that Bezos is portrayed as a cruel man.

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on the other hand, said stone, all content is from his Amazon (former) of 300 employees. “This is a mysterious large enterprise if there is a slight mistake, so I would like to under the premise that there is evidence to the correct them. In fact, I have launched a new version of the book.”

on both sides to give each other at the same time, in the idea of Amazon officials have responded to this matter:

“in the stone to write this book, we gave him contact with Amazon executives and former employees. Our starting point is to he can obtain the real material, but it is a pity that we didn’t accept it for the stone. Not only that, but I () a spokesman for Amazon is also privately contacting with stone for many times, and their communication through the mail way to explore the related content of the material, but he only to verify several contents. In a word, he had many opportunities to obtain accurate facts, but the mystery of the writers have no choice.”

this stone said in an interview: “at present, I source and I checked, but authorities in Amazon wouldn’t let me verify with Bezos himself.”


The SNAKE IS BACK: metal gear 5 GROUND ZEROSES will go on sale in the spring of 2014

Editor: interface wrong person

story and gameplay and MGS5 (Metal Gear Solid V) closely connected

on November 4, 2013, Japanese KONAMI European bureau released will go on sale in the spring of 2014 “METAL GEAR SOLID V: the PHANTOM PAIN, works on the set of” METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES “message. Game system may continue to use the FOX ENGINE for new games and new plot. “MGS5: GROUND ZEROES” is not just “MGS5: THE PHANTOM PAIN” before THE story plot, but it is closely combined with THE whole series. Open the map, real time and real-time weather also continue to use the “MGS5: the PHANTOM PAIN”.

about euro price: the PS3 version and Xbox version 29.99 euros, the download version 19.99 euros, PS4 and Xbox ONE download version 29.99 euros. Japan’s regional sale arrangement is still unclear.

Sogou browser to collect user privacy was leaked

today, some netizens said in professional technical card of rice on the BBS, use QQ account login sogou browser, you can see the thousands of other users’ personal accounts, including QQ, email, alipay, bank account information involves the user, such as property, and even can directly go to the others pay treasure to transfer shopping, and even direct payment transactions.

net friend said in the post, “always use sogou browser, recently updated the new version 4.2, login slow, with a few actually found a big hole sogou browser!” Netizens found that using QQ account login sogou, fast point a few times out, wait a few minutes, sogou browser will automatically download password autofill, favorites, web page updates remind down, is not the content of the user to save in the favorites.

in the form of sogou browser intelligence password saved a lot of web site, taobao, weibo, netease and QQ mailbox. Can even enter taobao account for online transactions.

use QQ account login sogou web accounts

sogou browser in the intelligent function of filling password, save a lot of website on taobao, weibo and so on a large number of users

can be directly on taobao account

can enter the taobao account directly online trading

favorites in a number of other users to save the content of the

there are technical personnel, according to the analysis of this may be is the result of sogou browser vulnerabilities “smart fill out a form” function. Users in the use of QQ account login sogou browser version, sogou browser will automatically download the other user’s account information. This information contains the user taobao, bank, weibo, sina, sohu, netease and QQ mailbox, all account, just click to enter. Moreover, sogou browser to save a large number of users of the information such as account passwords, and favorites, synchronized to the others on the computer.

have technicians will the security vulnerability, and even appeared in the meal card attaches great importance to the video data. Any user can according to the circumstance of Internet has publicly verified. In this way, the core of the tens of millions of users accounts will be landing directly, may cause a large number of users of property loss.

there are technical personnel suggest that it is rare a major safety accident in recent years, before the sogou company to repair the vulnerability, recommend that users do not use this browser. For ever use sogou browser login user account password, also want to modify all the password immediately, especially involving bank, alipay, game accounts, cloud storage, E-mail and other property and privacy of data account.

it is understood that this is not the first time that sogou company Revelations of user privacy related security vulnerabilities. In June this year, on June 5 in the afternoon, the clouds bug report platform release weibo said: “find weibo crazy preach sogou input method leaks, netizens have unearthed a large number of sensitive & amp; Adult content! Long before the flaw the clouds just received a report, white hat and inform the vendor, but the problem has not been effective processing. Sogou input method can lead to a large number of users leak sensitive information.” Vulnerability of Revelations from the sogou “input” multimedia functions of mobile phone input method, using this feature, users can share images, voice, text and other information. Concrete implementation way is: to share the information uploaded to the sogou server, form a can click the link to view.

the sogou company later in an interview with the media, the cloud platform bug report is the sogou holes made no mention of a new platform, saying only that the user’s “input” multimedia information leakage, the problem in the Microsoft search engine grab.

some netizens said that last time just to see other users of the information such as text, voice, images, but this time sogou browser security vulnerabilities have directly affects tens of millions of users’ privacy and property safety.

Why don’t you buy the Nexus of 5? Answer: “because the camera”!

5 after the release of the Nexus, cause the extensive concern of the market. Various media have launched their own assessment of science and technology. Although they are divided on the judgement of the Nexus of 5 different,, but they are the “critical eye” points to the Nexus 5 the mismatching camera function.

: under the condition of the “perfect” shot, the Nexus of 5 8 million rear camera can clap a pretty picture. But this “perfect” shooting conditions in life doesn’t always appear. In the face of the real world environment, the Nexus 5 clap a photo is not very desirable.

: in general, the Nexus 5 camera is good, basic meet the requirements of average shot.

: ordinary shooting mode, the Nexus of 5 shooting speed, but slightly dim picture. But choose HDR + patterns, pictures of gray and color saturation is higher.

: the Nexus of five basic standard camera, but can’t let a person feel excited. In addition, in my tests, the camera appear caton phenomenon (xiao yun Nexus 4 also often appear photos stay on the black screen).

: compared to a Nexus, the Nexus of 5 camera with a certain degree of improvement. In addition to the more clear photos, more photos of beautification model, in our tests, the Nexus of five basic standard low light images. However, we still want the future to the Nexus equipment can on the camera with other mobile phone during match.


Only 16% of American adults use Twitter but they are young, bright, local tyrants

recently make Twitter is melancholy and happy.

this is from the Pew Research Center reported that only 16% of American adults use Twitter, and only half of them will choose to get news and information through Twitter. In contrast, 30% of American adults can choose via Facebook know what happened in the world.

however, Twitter feel gratified that compared to Facebook users, Twitter above the 16% of users more young, higher education in the United States, the most important thing is that they are more rich. In addition, men became Twitter the main user groups (USA) .

according to the survey, Twitter users the annual income of $75000 higher than Facebook users. Twitter users, the proportion of male users accounted for 50%, while Facebook is 42%. Twitter user groups are mainly concentrated in 18 to 29 of the younger generation in the United States, accounting for 45% of the total number of users (and Facebook that figure was 34%). Not only that, Twitter users overall education level is higher than Facebook, the user community in the master’s degree holders, 40% and 30% of Facebook.

in addition, the report pointed out that Twitter77 % of users from outside the United States. Twitter “smartphone generation” of young people in the high permeability (including in emerging markets). But Twitter is not in the above that giant such as percentage of the revenues in the overseas market.