Card games: 2013 annual review of development prospects

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

in 2013, is the game industry nicknamed the “card”. In the year to October, the card games in mobile phone game developers have more than 300, hot.

at the beginning of the animated adaptation of warcraft card game “I’m MT” landing first hand market, by the major trend sweeping the list, the opening shots in what may be the card class tour hitting the market hand spires of the gun, its main policy ark is pronounced “tour market card hand in 2013 will account for half”.

by the end of June, China mobile game market in the first half of the income, the constituents of the card comprehensive contributed 52% of revenue, the ark was kuang language obviously has been validated by the market, with market madness also attracted a large number of mobile game developers have flocked to the card class mobile game show no two at one time.

but the card market as optimistic as surface looks really? Actually otherwise, after “I’m MT” million “king Arthur” big head “and so on a big reshuffle after line game makers, most of the quick buck card games unsurprisingly ended in failure, and mobile game market update and quick decision, today hot card game may not help the last laugh. So the market after the ebb tide, the card player to swim and go from here?

from the initial “three kingdoms” to today’s “chaos and order fight”, card games have successfully from the original 1.0 era of enlightenment and popularization, entered the required quality and creativity of 2.0 times. Card games to continue in the future market fever, note there are mainly three points.

first, distinctive background story can attract more players. For many later said that 80 childhood collection “pictures” may be the prototype of the card since the memory, in addition to the beautiful picture, story is deeply attracted to a magnet to players. Card player now swim well inherited the characteristics of various types of The Three Kingdoms, wuxia for players, this card into play to make the game also derived the sustainability play possible.

second, innovation in the card, concentrate on the card. How to stand out from the hundreds of new card? Play is the key. “Have a good IP and innovation play card games will occupy the mainstream of the future market position, only on the play constantly, to ensure that the core competitiveness.” Torrents CEO said. “From the point of the present situation, the card combination tower defense, action, MMORPG is right choice.”

third, exploring the depth of social game. Can swim card player, at the end of the day is also a game, the most attractive long-term play reason or friend. Swim but compared to the end, most of the mobile phone card games player interaction can only be done by offline QQ group or BBS, very few direct communication within the game. If by new social line, let players can not only share the integral, more can make the role of different players to fight together in some way, want to also can not help but fascinating.

say so many, from the current situation, the card market is still hot, but glide will die

, a new round of reshuffle is inevitable trend. Only win after “new” in the process of deep excavation, a path, to rely on the power of the industrial upgrading, swim in the card player 2.0 times.