Call the foreigners is the language barrier? Don’t worry, Google will help you solve new technology

Beijing time on July 26th evening news, Google Android business vice President Hugo barak (Hugo Barra) said that Google is developing a technology that can turn phones into “universal translator”.

the popularity of cell phones make people all over the world contact more closely, but many communication affected because of the language is different. But in the future, there may be no this embarrassing situation.

Google Android business vice President barak said that Google is developing a technology that can be mobile phone into a “universal translator”. To people on both sides of the phone call the person can say native language, then translated into mobile phone people native to the listeners.

the current Google is developing this kind of mobile phone prototype, barak said the research is still in its infancy, he will focus on research and development progress every week.

the technology from mature may need a few years time, but barak said, for a particular language conversion between, Google has done nearly perfect. For example, conversion between English and Portuguese. In good conditions, such as no noise, accuracy is close to 100%. If surrounded by noise, the accuracy rate will drop.

at present, Google has provide text translation service through its website, to provide 1 billion times between 71 languages translation every day.

source: sina science and technology li Ming