By the application of “plants vs zombies 2” from the distribution of change

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look forward to the stars, look forward to the moon, finally ushered in the “plants vs zombies 2” android version of the release, as a star in the spotlight game, an online has become each big application distribution platform and sweet steamed bun. “Start” this two word is simple, but hidden behind is the major Internet power struggles, the three operators and five channels of distribution platform have become the first: China mobile, China unicom, China telecom, tencent, baidu, 360, 91, wireless and UCweb, “plants vs zombies 2” is also a career-best sensationalism, was formed in a short time online on the first day of each big platform is more than the sum of the downloaded 18 million times. The author in the experience of “plants vs zombies 2” game fun at the same time, more reflections on one thing, why such a mobile phone game can cause so big buzz?

channel is king, or the product is king?

tour’s hand, the speed of evolution is the platform. Before the Iphone appeared, tour products mostly small hand and beauty, quality not delicate, but from the perspective of playability many fine products is rare, entertainment and leisure. Smartphones after large listed, make it possible to have large, fine product, quantity of terminal updates fast, the user’s fragmentation timing of quasi, development threshold low. In hand swim platform in the short term, emerged a large number of high-quality goods game, angry birds, plants vs zombies, COC, etc.

there is no doubt that mobile game in compared to the threshold of the page in the history of development, has greatly reduced outbound side, and the cost of time and market cycles have made a mobile game must reach the user with the fastest speed, become a kind of FMCG, this means that the channel is very important. Mobile game industry in a short period of time has produced a lot of myth buster, while the domestic rise more fake from wind, stone CEO wu gang is to take part in “do mobile game is am reborn” the article said such a words: “at one end of the tour company hands just 800 people to develop mobile games, 100 people, a project to do original, we should applaud for this company, to find out, a team do hold 100 people, to do more rapid fortress. Can you to such peer respect?” The whole tour market is in the hand the benign development stage, but the hand is a natural product of globalization, the mindset of Chinese manufacturers make money very serious, few serious to study the game, but a serious to study how to make money. It is this point of view, in my opinion China tour industry for the foreseeable future hand will decline with the foreign high quality games to: (1) serious product homogeneity, China shanzhai blustery channels (2) the oligarchic monopoly trends, marketing costs, net profit decline (3) some flag bearer advocacy, hot money gave rise to the red sea.

transformation focused on developing high quality high-quality goods game, for the Chinese tour market hand now impetuous is imminent. In fact, from the “plants vs zombies 2” is each big app store rushed and in a short period of time of a large number of downloads, can see the high-quality goods game in the attraction of the platform and game players. This high quality games have completely do not need to simply rely on app store distribution, through other channels can also get a lot of downloads, one of the most is a large demand from search.

baidu almost monopolized the whole flow of all the search market, under the condition of the users of the game have cognitive, take the initiative to search and download become their most major choice. By the author found that the plants vs zombies 2 keywords Baidu index yesterday instantly jumped about 600%.

the user through the baidu search “plants vs zombies 2” of the first result, both in mobile terminal and the PC can directly download the game, actually it’s can reflect the baidu in the application of the force of the distribution, and 360 on 360 mobile phone assistant a single channel is bound to greatly lags behind that of baidu. The data is in the app store can brush, credibility in the author opinion question. Users play time is fragmented and extremely limited, a high quality game may be in a very long period of time will occupy the user all the entertainment, though early may also need to app store distribution, but as recognized by a large number of players, through search engines direct download will gradually become the mainstream mode, monopoly market baidu will be applied in the distribution of the flow of battle occupying a dominant position.

360 with facts proved that the existing disadvantages of app store

360 in the “plants vs zombies 2” in the promotion behavior has no other purpose, just because of this is to confirm my above point of view a very typical case. Starting on the same day, I opened the 360 assistant, a big baner zombies, user experience is not very good. 360 effort to push a multimodal transport product, not only use all their own resources, with the aid of a large number of marketing in weibo, release a large number of weibo, soliciting on the pr headed by universal bear a group of black pr data distorting analysis, even in 17173, sina game such as portal channels out-of-pocket push hard. Although brought a large number of installed capacity in a short period of time, but is not very enough staying power.

“plants vs zombies 2” the game although good, but its existence in the controversial, huge difficulty of different games at home and abroad, prop fee scale difference, to the marketing feast were sown early actually very big hidden trouble. There are players in weibo reaction, through 360 mobile phone assistant after download and install the zombie 2, will automatically send a text message to China mobile game center, although later proved to be of China mobile pay plug-in, send text messages travel fee, but for 360 the most attention to the small white users is a fatal blow. The author has a deep concern on 360 the marketing activities, it won’t be playing with fire, the name brand of 360 can really benefits so big? 360 in the entire network first, known as the zombie 2, but the fact is the eight common starting platform, this highly deceptive pr mode is a kind of vicious circle, is not a good thing for the whole ecosystem. 360 invested so much resources, eager to the card application delivery capability, in my opinion this is the channel distribution ability of insecurity.

mobile search distribution to represent the future of the application of

the return to focus on “plants vs zombies 2” to have a help to 360 mobile phone assistant application on the distribution of it is not I care about. From 360, the marketing activity you should be able to see that the App store on the distribution of high quality boutique App still has shortcomings. When you’re good enough, it is no longer a channel is king, but the potential reversal of defence, good product has the leading position at this time. Foreign famous game companies, for example, ubisoft recently issued many fine hand to swim, has not officially launched, has received great attention, once in the domestic, certainly will become a major app store constructed object. Now the application of mobile Internet has already basically covers all user requirements, the future application of only good enough to stand out from the crowd.

today’s game market is a good content can be distributed to each channel market, and, in the CP will slip into a camp, but will keep their own independent open, cooperation with all platforms. Single through the app store distribution also will no longer be the mainstream model in the future, the future of the game will implant more social elements, recommend the use of the social relationship may become a new kind of means, and in the process of the user through search engines take the initiative to search and download the app store will replace the current model. Application distribution will be more and more focus on search engines, represented by 360 mobile phone assistant’s app store will directly face the entire search baidu monopoly market traffic status quo, app store distribution model will also with the prevalence of the concept of “product is king” is a fundamental subversion.