By samsung woo members of the CM enough TouchWiz to samsung

Steve Kondik 2011 joined samsung.

he was once a respected android developers, participated in the third party CyanogenMod ROM , the ROM acclaimed, running in global mobile phone users. to android system optimization, but it does not lose its android true colors. Samsung to harness a developer so purpose is clear: of course to help improve its own UI TouchWiz .

and a half years later, Stever away from samsung. . In general the samsung the Galaxy S4 is a good phone, but samsung custom ROM TouchWiz is very bad:
TouchWiz updates and versions to keep the consistency of the past. Different parts of the reduced system not harmonious, the version of the style is a little bright than before, and experience more “flat.” But unfortunately, it want to go back to use the android 2.2 system ( android) ! Abandoned friendly to touch screen preview page, but embrace the whole icon of UI . You have to endure endless pop-up “and” Loading …” . TouchWiz UI very mediocre. Is good or bad all by yourself how to see.”

ha ha, the android 4 X time beautiful gorgeous rich sense of science and technology HOLO style back two years into a 2.2 in the style of the original ugly interface, samsung this “improvement” is the “advanced”. No wonder Steve can’t stand it.

in addition to Google son series, all the production are in the android interface customization, in order to realize “differentiation”, but few producers can create beyond native good UI . After all, after several generations of updates, android team also combines the original webOS style, gradually formed unique aesthetic standard, a team has not mobile phone makers can improve s. If the last 2.2 , 2.3 time, the third party ROM a little improvement can give prize, in the x time, all of the third party ROM are faced with and the original than the awkward situation.

of course, have to admit, ugly is also a kind of differentiation. The good interface to the ugly, so you can distinguish with the original, make unique differences between “user experience”. Well, samsung, then efforts! Watch your oh.

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