“Bus” uproot shayna endorsement market network, endorsements will be how much?

[coach] NO. 2

hunting cloud network feature columns “bus” from the second stage besides besides, uncle just drink wine, eat the big kidneys, a little excited, bus in the morning.

why the tertiary today raised the topic of gossip? Because there were too many recent market network advertising, uproot shayna endorsement is a big market network advertising efforts, have uproot shayna at everywhere. 58 city cried out, to be listed, market network is spending money on hard to brush. It’s a good gay friend.

website please star endorsement, it is not surprising, many web sites are done. But that is not said, these stars come out to the platform, please website owners to pay how many money? Well, the uncle to reveal an absolute real Numbers, for your reference.

the uncle to give you the market network, the current market net please star is uproot shayna, but in 2011, the market network to eat crabs, please at the time of the yao as image ambassador, yao riding donkey advertising image is impressive. The Spring Festival home open a computer is everywhere is a donkey… Later, 58 Yang mi, please good gay friend…

so, when market net please yao exactly how much you spend? To tell you that 4 million! This is Numbers come from the market network of an absolute core executives the prophecy to spit on the wine table.

please yao endorsement is 4 million, 2011 in 2013, the market network please uproot shayna will spend how many money? The uncle only a data for everyone, for those who want to please star endorsement of rich web site reference. Bibi star fire, calculate inflation, how much is a bit. Don’t let somebody else kill also called thank you.

ok, uncle went to sleepwalking, 88.