Bow to reality, Microsoft Windows 8 had been a complete failure…


(Beijing time) 5 on message, Microsoft Windows business marketing and finance director tammy? Rui LeEr (Tammy Reller) recently received Britain said in an interview with the financial Times, many users in mastering Windows 8 encountered difficulties when the operating system, Microsoft plans to the operating system USES way to modify some of the key content, and strive to be launched this year upgrade .

r LeEr said: “the user in learning to use a Windows 8 really need to spend big effort. We will focus on Windows 8 use some of the key elements in the modified, and will launch a upgrade version of the system in the course of the year.”

the industry analysts pointed out that Microsoft for Windows 8 operating system is the key content of modified, this will make it nearly 30 years following the New Coca-Cola “New coke ( New Coke ) “plan failed, and a case of a failed on launch mass consumer goods giant enterprises.

technology industry independent analyst mark? Anderson (Mark Anderson) said to Microsoft Steve? Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) , Windows 8 the key content of the operating system, means to admit the failure of the product. Ballmer to Windows 8 high hopes and fate has said Microsoft has put the company bets on Windows 8 “on, he hope that the system can play a sniper apple the .

Anderson said: “the company’s flagship product encounter such a thing is really terrible, it was a heavy blow for Mr Ballmer. It is admirable that he successfully let Microsoft glow vitality again. At present, Microsoft, the bold innovation and adventure atmosphere in the two years ago that it is absolutely can’t see.”

the financial Times, points out that the Windows 8 is an ambitious attempt to Microsoft, the company hopes to through the adoption of New touch after operation, and can let PC keep up with the tablet PC development pace of The Times. Unfortunately, the outside world for the compatible PC and tablet operating system isn’t buying it. Some analysts even accused the product adds PC the downward trend in shipments.