Bloomberg “bezos biography” let Mrs Bezos, refute and give 1 star bad review

recently, from Bloomberg senior editor Brad Stone (Stone) Brad a book describing the Amazon development and Bezos, Mrs. Bezos disquiet. Mackenzie, Bezos ms with the help of an electronic bookstore Amazon platform.

stone this book called “behind The secret: BEZOS AND AMAZON times (The Everything Store: JEFF BEZOS AND The AGE OF AMAZON). This book tells the story of the Amazon from building to become business empire events and insider, and highlighted by a genius “wisdom and the integration of arbitrary” type of leadership – Bezos.

however, Bezos wife said the author of the book there are a lot of factual mistakes in writing, and with too much emotion, that Bezos is portrayed as a cruel man.

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on the other hand, said stone, all content is from his Amazon (former) of 300 employees. “This is a mysterious large enterprise if there is a slight mistake, so I would like to under the premise that there is evidence to the correct them. In fact, I have launched a new version of the book.”

on both sides to give each other at the same time, in the idea of Amazon officials have responded to this matter:

“in the stone to write this book, we gave him contact with Amazon executives and former employees. Our starting point is to he can obtain the real material, but it is a pity that we didn’t accept it for the stone. Not only that, but I () a spokesman for Amazon is also privately contacting with stone for many times, and their communication through the mail way to explore the related content of the material, but he only to verify several contents. In a word, he had many opportunities to obtain accurate facts, but the mystery of the writers have no choice.”

this stone said in an interview: “at present, I source and I checked, but authorities in Amazon wouldn’t let me verify with Bezos himself.”