Blackberry published an open letter, claim to still can salvage once again…

according to Reuters, the blackberry company yesterday in an open letter claimed that the company’s financial situation is stable. Although currently encountered challenges, the blackberry company and its product is reliable.

the blackberry company CMO Frank Boulben said in an interview, “since nearly a period of time, our customers from the media to know a lot about the status of the blackberry company. Obviously, for a long period of time as the public media headlines, let the market between the user and produce too much confusion and doubt. However, the only thing we want to make consumers aware of is that the blackberry company still worthy of their trust, blackberry is a blackberry forever! We have plenty of money, and without any liabilities. Although the blackberry will be too painful transformation, but the aim is to strong in the future.”

the statement caused a great attention in the media, including the United States today, the Wall Street journal and the Washington post the globe and mail of Canada, the national post reported for that event respectively.

the decline of the blackberry company has become a fact, just after the announced blackberry needs to sell, once the future of mobile phone giant is extremely complicated. Reuters quoted sources said that the blackberry is working with companies such as cisco, Google, SAP, demand for sale as a whole. However, after media reported that the blackberry co-founder Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin also said it would participate in bidding acquisition of blackberry. Earlier, the blackberry’s largest shareholder Fairfax Financial Holdings announced $4.7 billion deal to buy the blackberry.