Blackberry director about the blackberry in the future: downsizing, split or sale

the blackberry have always believe that it can’t go with smartphone makers like samsung and apple the same way, but at the same time, the blackberry also think that they can become a very competitive in the field of smart phones “niche” vendors, even if need to sell part of the business, and even those who run the business for many years. Blackberry director Bert Nordberg told the Wall Street journal, in order to make the company to put more energy on the core strengths, may need to streamline the company’s business and departments. This means that the blackberry will probably does not meet the revised business plan of split or sell their business.

Bert Nordberg also specifically pointed out that in the future, the company’s internal department of small, small groups will probably be cut off, though he did not point out the concrete object, but anyway, we can see that the blackberry basic has to give up the past to iOS and Android ‘s ambitions, probably really going to power on a niche manufacturer.

he said the company’s niche strategy, “I think our blackberry can become a good niche companies, although, it may need to be subdivided and structural adjustment to the company, but from a long-term strategic perspective, this is very important for us, can say, we have bigger ambitions. But objectively, to fight against such as apple, samsung and Google Nemesis is difficult.”

Bert Nordberg served as SONY Ericsson’s , at the beginning, he does the company USES the Android problems in denial, he thinks Android open nature makes it a security guarantee, and system security for enterprises and users is not child’s play, so can’t simply switch to Android .

but he is as a director, blackberry, also spoke, “as the SONY Ericsson , decide whether to bet on Android is a very easy thing, but now is much more difficult for the blackberry, the blackberry has its own security system, the safety of the built-in mobile phone method can effectively protect the safety of user information, so that we can’t just simply change the operating system. Although the blackberry is in hard times now, a lot of difficulties before us, however, the blackberry also has the advantage, we have enough cash in hand, external and no debt, so, I believe, the blackberry will one day out of the fog, the blackberry is still a lot of potential.”