Blackberry 10 mobile phones won the biggest order: 3000

Beijing time on April 21, the morning news, this week the blackberry obtained from Canadian Tire company of 3000 mobile phones blackberry 10 orders, this is by far the blackberry mobile phone for 10 largest business orders.

Canadian Tire and auto parts is a sporting goods retailer. The company announced that starting later this month, the company will be provided to stores and financial services staff blackberry Z10 and Q10 cell phone.

the blackberry hope Z10 and Q10 can attract large enterprise customers, so as to promote sales of recovery, and from the hand of the apple and samsung take back our market share. Blackberry Z10 support for multitasking and virtual keyboard has won the popularity of the personage inside course of study, but because of investor concerns about this kind of mobile phone sales, and operator marketing activities may not meet expectations, so the blackberry falling share prices.

the blackberry spokesman declined to comment on Canadian Tire order is so far the blackberry 10 mobile phone’s biggest corporate order. Blackberry, said in the last quarter Z10 handset sales of about 1 million, in line with the analysts’ expectations. Z10 began sales in the United States in the end of march, the phone had already sold in Canada and Britain.

Rogers Canada operators have begun to accept such as blackberry Q10 reservation. Rogers said, the phone will hit the market in the next few weeks. Currently the operator has not been announced when will operate this kind of mobile phone.

the blackberry said last month that the company an existing partner to place an order for 1 million the blackberry 10 mobile phones. And according to market research firm Detwiler Fenton, the buyer is a mobile phone distributors.


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