Big data application example: change the ID, Facebook still knows who you are

Facebook one of the big data marketing partners Acxiom , have found the preliminary solved how to to learn whether people using several different names on the Internet is the same person.

a called “operating system” audience ( on “Operating System”, “ , AOS ) of new products to market by marketers, it allows marketers to your “digital characters” binding, even if you changed the name due to marriage, or use a nickname, or occasionally used in the name, so it can solve the have changed the address or telephone number is the same problem.

AOS for Facebook advertisers marketers ( big, said the goods marketers ) solves a longstanding problem: the information in the different database, the data or offline or online, the company may be personal and collect in different places. According to the Acxion , executive vice President of / chief product and engineering personnel Phil Mui said, this is very common, usually, for example, a company telephone sales database and online database. ( s the analysis of the former Google product managers.

your name and contact way can exist independently, and is a little different in the database. Company’s different marketing team will use those data and without coordination under the condition of whether you are being contact with you as the goal, it will shock upon the user.

, s had experience. He recently told Business Insider , when the market researchers do not know who you are, will let people very angry. He recently registered cable TV and broadband supplier Comcast , and in the same week later, he received three copies from Comcast different marketing branch to join invitation information.

AOS basic above company various offline or online database, use the AbiliTec , a Acxiom also have digital identification “” technology, AOS the company customer information of simple single results are obtained.

matching rate is as high as the 90% , s said. When asked about how to do it, he challenged and think “it’s not a statistical speculation”.

AOS help Acxion advertising customers to use their data on Facebook find advertising target users. Acxiom customers include macy’s, American express, Allstate and citibank.

s , Facebook with Acxiom cooperation, because more than a year ago when Facebook trying to encourage large companies trying to use social networks, marketers say: “I want to use the Acxiom , because all my data in the Acxiom .”

the company recently try to display more transparent to the user data is how to use and point to them. Recently, it allows the user to find their own data in the database and to change them. They can even opt out. “If they want to choose to leave, they can do it. If you choose to quit, then you are out of the race.” s said.

in fact, very few people quit, s said. Often happen is that the consumer change Acxiom existing data to make it more accurate – or at least more appealing. He said, usually 40 s woman change the age to 30 s. The change of Acxiom looking for information on the percentage of people to single digits. It’s all good, s said: “the markets don’t care about your age. They want to know is what look you want.”