Big data! Alibaba B2B business also want to send

(editor: qing nan)

in one year after the delisting, alibaba B2B business will be held for the first time the media communication, the focus of the conference is not overall business, but the layout of the new business and instructions.

Wu Minzhi alibaba international division President, said at the meeting this year, ali will be upgrading “light cavalry” service in order to purchase direct platform, which based on big data platform to provide more convenient services for suppliers and buyers.

big data is no stranger to everybody, in taobao, etc have been ready to use, but for alibaba international business, this is the first official put forward. Although ali has for several years, but in Wu Minzhi view, now is in the field of cross-border electricity do big data is ripe.

“light cavalry” project to explore

we all remember ma accurately predicts that by 2008 the economic crisis. How could he was forecast to this change? Behind is the domestic order change data of 30 million small and medium-sized enterprises.

say, ali in the aspect of data mining and analysis have made certain achievements, but those with the buyers and sellers, distance seems to be slightly a little too far.

back home early B2B e-commerce mode, rely mainly on predominantly Chinese suppliers on e-commerce platform to show their information, namely the yellow pages model. Overseas buyers through the platform to check the supplier information and after comparing, send inquiries to the enterprise, and then into the traditional trade way. During this period, Chinese suppliers can do is wait.

after the economic crisis makes the situation worse, although total procurement did not reduce, but has been to the small batch, more frequency shift. Under this condition, mainly rely on supplier to display their information on the website of B2B mode is facing adjustment, need more real-time demand docking.

in this case, the alibaba in internal launch in 2010, “light cavalry” the innovation of the business. By the high quality supplier of alibaba integration of China’s industrial cluster, and then according to the overseas buyers purchasing needs to quickly match personality. Results show that the service can not only shorten the cycle, looking for suppliers to meet the overseas buyers individuality demand at the same time, also gave the buyer needs synchronization to domestic suppliers, make suppliers to actively adjust their production plan according to the market demand and product, and even joint realization supply. Mexico, for example, a buyer to guangdong jiangmen suppliers bring $5 million of paper towel after order, the supplier is combined several factories, full power.

in fact, global sourcing needs to small batch, more frequency direction, makes the “light cavalry” this new e-commerce service became evident advantages compared with traditional trade way, according to alibaba, according to data in 2012, its platform supplier orders received more than $4.5 billion, and is expected to exceed 20 billion this year.

big data strategic upgrade

under the new situation, the small and medium-sized enterprises and how to hold good daily existence of dynamic international trade and business opportunities? Alibaba platform and how to judge the merchant’s new demand?

“data, and must be a lot of data based on trading of large data”, Wu Minzhi said that under the new situation, alibaba also needs to improve and adjust the mission.

alibaba in the past ten years in one s information is scarce, help customers to express the information via the Internet, for buyers and sellers of a deal to realize the value of platform. But now, the information has not become the bottleneck of one of the most important, even in an age of information overflow, so alibaba must deep down and buy and sell home to share each other’s data, dig up the most effective information to them. Earlier, in the field of electronic commerce, due to the industry of international trade has a special shape, not depth of the data accumulated over the years.

alibaba B2B pattern of “big data” core is registered merchant’s transaction data integration platforms, procurement will be overseas demand data synchronization to suppliers, suppliers according to the data in a timely manner to adjust the production plan. That is to say, ali want to rely on large data to improve the information matching degree between the two sides of supply and demand, and enhance transaction efficiency.

meanwhile, ali B2B will also draw on the experience of running ideas of taobao and ali small loans. This is the platform of transaction data as the future of the enterprise credit reference standard, for enterprises and Banks, guarantee financial institutions provide credit certificate.

“light cavalry” explore the success of the project, also contributed to the management to make decisions based on big data update. In 2013, alibaba will upgrade “light cavalry” service in order to purchase direct platform. And this platform will be as ali B2B practice the first step on the big data.

a team of “light cavalry” may also can’t change the way of thinking of China’s foreign trade, but if tens of millions of buyers and sellers can become “light cavalry”, the result will be totally different.

Wu Minzhi said, “if the way that before, keep purchasing time in 3 to 6 weeks, then the purchase directly to the procurement efficiency can be mentioned 3 to 6 days.” The trading cycle have significantly reduced.