Bezos how to develop the Washington post? He said, not advertising as the core, the essence of news is the core

last month for 2.5 $, after acquisition of the Washington post on Tuesday, Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos ) , published his views on the acquisition, post to the future development. In a Washington post interview process, bezos, the founder and amazon Shared his management philosophy, and points out that the future will be used in the operation of the Washington post that the idea of America’s leading newspaper magnate.

“in the business of amazon 18 years, we are always pursuing the 3 big tenet: puts customers first, creativity, maintain full patience. These three points is also the reasons for the success of amazon. bezos, if the customer for the reader, this 3 principle is also suitable for the development of the Washington post.

“my optimism can be said to be born. Even if people say, ‘Jeff, you simply delude ourselves, can’t solve this problem is , I don’t think so. The problem has a solution, just need more time, patience and test.

as previously announced, bezos in the future will not be involved in the day-to-day running of the Washington post. if we develop out of the Washington post new ‘golden age, thanks to post the wisdom of the whole team, creativity, and constantly test effort, rather than merely because bezos’ investment in the post ‘. “Said bezos. But bezos also provide financial support for the post, to ensure that the post can have plenty of funds to finance a trial commercial operation, at the same time bezos will also provide some policy Suggestions from the macroscopic level.

bezos has not suffered for traditional newspaper in today’s market challenges cherish any unrealistic fancies. In fact, he is also aware of the problems of the traditional newspaper industry. “Even with the Paywall pay function, each kind of website information aggregation function can still provide the paid content free form to your readers. , he said, from the perspective of readers, they will ask, since I can get free news from the Internet, that what I need to post the news content has to pay for payment? apart from the Paywall payment reading concerns, bezos added subsequently, his mode of advertising as the core. Regardless of the direction of the post, the essence of news is its core.

on the cause of the Washington post, bezos has not here, only the attribution of “love of printing products , and the newspaper called” a kind of important media institution “. Bezos today after the announcement, the first visit to the Washington post offices.