Bet: sina mobile phone card, won’t do

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

some time ago everyone to smell ali’s fart, then the fart is tencent, sina’s turn now. Although is a fart, but valuable is an expert in every critic, can smell of sensing point strategy.

yesterday, a tweet exposes sina model of mobile phone card, big eyes and so on sina, sina hardware involved to swipe, sina big push into the mobile phone mobile payment, sina PK point four Carla and so on. Mobile phone card is a neglected field, seems to giant overnight, legend of kara, baidu’s palm core treasure, tencent’s brush sina this big eyes.

the author thinks that, sina is necessary to launch such a product, but never yourself.

sina will launch mobile phone card device reason:

1, the early stage of the sina had big eyes shape usb flash drive, hardware products, such as charging treasure, and made public sale, instructions for hardware business, sina has a good appetite.

can easily find on jingdong big eyes charging treasure to purchase page, the price of 199 is, unfortunately, is not very optimistic. On more than four months, only got 229 customers.

2, mobile phone card, sina is to get the licence key to pay for autonomy, through online after one

in the second quarter financial reports released by sina, was high hopes of weibo value-added services revenue at about $7 million for the three quarter in a row, can only rely on advertising cosmetic are flying around, realizable way presses for diversified development. Mobile payment as mobile services, the basis of the ecological environment is the key to the value-added business development. Sina in early July to get the licence to can’t wait, said after the upcoming launch of the new microblogging households end for individual users will launch weibo wallet, card bag, etc. Among them, wallet for phone, payment services such as gas, water and electricity, card package is the membership card, coupons, obtaining and purchase.

sina wallet is given priority to with “pay for”, if every time to spend a few dollars to use online banking, for the user a little too not friendly, so hope that through the sina mobile phone card this hardware products, solve the problem of money come in. Brush, it’ll be ok.

5.0, 3, micro letter is the outside motive of sina launched the product

according to tencent fiscal 2013 second quarter report, micro letter monthly active users has reached 235.8 million, 21.3% year-on-year growth. On August 5, micro letter online version 5.0, immediately become nowadays the most popular mobile applications. “Plane” into tenosynovitis of news has become a social news headlines.

the micro letter pay especially sina tremble, pay the convenience and usage scenarios of universality for sina to deal with. Can this phone card through online product, if sina to find the right way, at a reasonable price first to make nearly thousands of weibo’s use, that’s hope against WeChat offensive.

reason of sina does not own mobile phone card:

1, the current focus is sina just live in the home, the son of sina weibo raised, enable him to stand on. Although pay is basic services, but if you want to do, requires a great deal of energy. Under the environment of our country financial regulation strictly, can not be so sit the rockets appear square payment enterprises. You need to talk to Banks, enter an item of expenditure in the accounts institutions cooperation, build path, need to develop all kinds of characteristic service on basic pay function, also need to face all kinds of possible financial risks. This matter, pay treasure for 10 years, choi tenpay for 8 years, Carla for 8 years, after eight years as quick…

2, cell phone charge for individuals in this field, have been Carla accounted for more than 9 into. If sina is pure want to solve the problem of “money”, to spend huge effort into the oligopoly market, it is not wise, will only be called a follower.

so I guess, most likely is sina, in the form of marriage, work with a company of mobile phone card, provided by the other hardware development, pay back, etc., a total of figure mobile payment.