Beijing university of posts and telecommunications professor bet against virtual operators

the author: Luo Liang

in private capital actively going to apply for the virtual operator licence, has been outspoken, a professor at Beijing university of posts and telecommunications KanKaiLi pours cold water in public.

this year on January 8, the ministry announced the resale business pilot scheme for mobile communications (hereinafter referred to as the “pilot program”) draft, explore to conform to the conditions of Chinese private enterprises to carry out the resale for mobile communications business, and after obtain licences issued by the ministry of industry, became the virtual operator. At present, the paper raised period has ended.

the so-called virtual operators, in short, the enterprise will be available from the hands of telecom, unicom, mobile three basic operators, rent number, time, network resources, then its services with their own packaging, to the end user.

private capital into the telecoms industry is always the focus of the topic, as the “pilot program” official documents issued, will be formally for what was to enter the telecommunications industry to provide the policy basis. More than the current a-share listed Su Ningyun said, matters third-class enterprise to apply for A virtual operator license, these companies also in the capital market to form the concept of A virtual operator section, related PLC recent moves far large plate.

however, the first China retail chain enterprises in yesterday on virtual operating peak BBS, KanKaiLi maintained his usual style of sharp, openly about private capital into communication resale business, said the government virtual operating is put forward, this time is late.

what popular

actually is not a new concept, virtual operators in the 90 s, Europe and the United States and other countries have a lot of virtual operators, of which the most British virgin. Virgin mobile company in addition to telecommunications services business in Europe, in the United States, Canada, India and other places have business, the product won the young group in a big welcome.

according to relevant data statistics, the current global virtual operator more than 800, has more than 90 in Germany. So far haven’t appeared the virtual operator in China, but with the ministry released the resale business pilot scheme for mobile communications official documents, what the enterprise become a virtual operator will soon become a reality.

published in early January “pilot program” draft, pilot beginning 2 years, with the foundation of the mobile network telecommunication business operators shall guarantee during the pilot with at least two more than resale companies signed a cooperation agreement. This means that there will be at least 6 companies will become the first virtual operators.

in fact, for virtual operator licence are interested in domestic enterprises is very much. According to the cica lianchuang IT planning and consulting director TuYuan hon, with the domestic three big operators of mobile communication business for resale in contact more than 60 enterprises. Cica lianchuang mainly provide communications support solutions, has close relationship with domestic three carriers.

according to TuYuan hong, contact operators enterprise packages are divided into four categories:, auditions holding mobile phone sales chain; Suning, gome as a representative large home appliance enterprises; Taobao, jingdong, represented by Internet companies; Red bean, wanda, shanxi coal bosses and other enterprises.

so far, publicly to sprint for the first batch of virtual enterprise operators license plates are gome, suning, companies such as

TMT China securities chief economist ma jun said that from the existing policies, enterprises need to signing commercial contract with basic telecommunication business operators, can apply to the ministry to get a licence. Therefore, the three carriers are likely to take the lead in domestic and channels for manufacturers to cooperate, to expand the business scope.

time had night

recently was issued a research report pointed out that in 2012 China telecom business income is 988 billion yuan, in the international market 1.8% market share of virtual operators, domestic mobile telecommunication resale open will form the new market of nearly 20 billion yuan.

however, in KanKaiLi point of view, even get the virtual operator licence, also is not equal to the virtual operation will succeed. He pointed out that the ministry of pilot program is not wholesale prices on the telecom resale business rules, which may lead to virtual operators compete with basic operators.

KanKaiLi said, “virtual operator obtained from basic operators wholesale price, and then to retail, if the operator does not do retail this right, but the operators themselves do retail, so both sides (competition) relationship is obvious.”

he warned companies applying for licence, if money can be acquired through innovative telecommunication resale business, it must be very careful, “basic operators may say myself to do”.

in fact, for now the virtual operators, another need in the face of adverse factors is that times have changed.

the virtual operation start of Europe or 2 g network, but is now a 3 g LTE, even is given priority to with voice business before, but now many are data business. KanKaiLi pointed out that the key point is the user terminal has become the smart phone. “All kinds of application are accomplished through data, users have been able to independently differentiation.”

“virtual operator now face a very different environment, different network, terminal is different, different business. Virtual operator can do (innovation), I can’t think.” KanKaiLi said: “why the proposed virtual operation? Anyone may guess, but I think is late.”

source: sina science and technology