Beautiful MIUI said 360 mobile guards as MIUCI official tip induced by the user

millet’s beautiful MIUI today issued a statement, said mobile phone users, 360 security guards have borrow MIUCI name induction.

“users reflect, use the millet mobile phone installed 360 guards (version 4.27), after found 360 guards in the startup picture with the words” beautiful MIUI sweet hint “, as shown in the pictures below, after test, found that the problem exists.

the splash screen of the copywriter is ambiguous, let a person produce 360 guardians of beautiful MIUI reminder text is provided by millet official, at this point, we said that the splash screen of the relevant content is not about “beautiful MIUI sweet hint” millet official offer, has nothing to do with millet official, official and millet has never received 360 company any communication about this case, millet official also really had no idea of this, to avoid cause unnecessary misleading to users, we wish to modify this case as soon as 360.

after 360 was exposed by the media with improper means of competition to promote its products, including disguised as Microsoft official patches induced 360 users to download the browser.

a former Microsoft China strategic cooperation director Liu Run had fun said “just” disguised as Microsoft official patches, including its 360 browser, 360 site navigation, and other products to install in a computer to Internet users “this one, is enough to prove that 360 is not the bottom line of companies. After testing 360 speed browser, last time I rebooted the computer completely.”

Liu Runwei Po screenshot