Barnes out CEO: ji the e-book market, traditional bookstore and the future?

yesterday Barnes current ( William Lynch) resigned.

lynch has been responsible for Barnes &noble e-book project, before the 2010 years as Barnes &noble , has been trying to put the one hundred – year – old transformation into Internet electronic enterprise, the Nook Media , the Nook the e-book market, the Nook e-reader and tablet series is demonstrated. He didn’t work hard, however, in the face of e-books and amazon the Kindle legions of severe competition, the Nook can only passive, lack the strength to fight back. In last year’s shopping season, the Nook series of sales fell 26% , the Nook department has a drag on performance of Barnes, Barnes 2013 years loss up to 1.22 $, is almost twice as much as last year.

this difficult time, the lynch millions of dollars in compensation was an eyesore.

after Barnes has announced that no longer independent production sale the Nook tablet and hand it over to the third party manufacturers. The out lynch, however is to the Nook a new step.

however give up the Nook , the struggle in the era of mobile Internet and traditional bookstore’s future?

the plight of Barnes – the rise of electronic reading

Barnes &noble is established in 1873 , 140 years history. From Illinois, a publishing company developed into the largest bookstore chain, Barnes, master, have change. Barnes is currently in the United States all 50 states to provide services, operating 717 bookstores, also operates 637 the campus bookstore. This result, enough.

Barnes &noble brilliant as sunset, however, the traditional publishing industry is the sunset. With the rise of the Internet, computer changed people’s reading habits. Mobile Internet and mobile handheld device (an e-book reader, smart phones, tablet) greatly accelerates the process. Is one of the few people go to the bookstore to buy paper books. Independent bookstores either struggling or have closed down. Before came under Barnes &noble, the second largest bookstore chain, des ( Borders ) 2011 years went bankrupt, the industry review Byrd’s biggest mistake is that it is 2001 in their electricity network books to amazon. Yes, that’s the amazon.

unify river’s lake amazon

lead reading of change is a global famous e-commerce company amazon. From the 1994 online book electricity business started in a garage, the amazon bezos management became a comprehensive ( a-z ) electricity company, content distribution platform, and cloud computing services company.

more terrible is the company bezos’ sacrifice immediate interests for the long term, “foresight” business philosophy. The same is true in the field of books, amazon at very low prices provide the Kindle series of e-readers and tablet computer hardware products, and then rely on its content on sales to make a profit. In the face of such a competent and the spirit of the Internet, amazon doddering Barnes &noble completely unable to compete. The next era content (books, audio) sales, is such as amazon, Google, apple has vast users and broad platform competition between the Internet giant, amazon is established its dominant position.

cut the Nook equal to cut future

from short-term interests, cut down the Nook can help Barnes narrow losses. However, this is equal to give up Barnes future at the same time. This day and age, have no the position of traditional large chain. Barnes may depend on your current remaining resources to align the content of the Microsoft (hunting cloud network reported: ). But Microsoft is no advantage in the field of mobile Internet content distribution, it lags far behind apple, Google, let alone the amazon.

chain bookstore, 2011 years Byrd has fallen, the next will be a Barnes &noble?

s of great upheaval and genetic mutations if not rapid transformation to respond to market changes, collapsing before the giant will only more and more… And line and see.