Bargain, log in Hong Kong and Taiwan, have put pressure on the company

alibaba is China’s leading e-commerce company, its shopping website taobao group-buying business – bargain today in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

according to Tech In Asia reports, in order to expand business, registered a new site ( ), will provide men and women clothing, household supplies, maternal and infant supplies, consumer electronics, children’s toys and other products.

the original site ( ) than her sister site more energetic, more visual impact and the navigation bar to help users find new programme. Product page will share real-time sales quantity and price information, this two web sites to keep the consistency.

through taobao shopping website, bargain, every year a million deal, but in Hong Kong and Taiwan to provide services for new users, it still has a long way to go. The expansion behavior, according to alibaba hope can invest more new and potential market.

taobao, director of international sales department Daphne Lee said, users can look forward to, 2013 year we will launch a more diverse and a complete set of service with the regional characteristic.

Chinese group-buying websites of big tao group in the 2 , 2012 will offer group-buying websites in China in the top three of the list, the other two at the top of the list are its main rival Meituan and public comments. The total income of fill up the whole industry revenues 55% .

bargain, and its parent company alibaba are seeking higher market share, in response to the next and it competition. it is established in 2008 years, headquartered in Chicago, 2012 years in China to 1.7% market share ranking the first 12 .

it there are a lot of overseas expansion experiences, but also has a strong brand awareness. The company is trying to strengthen its status in China, at present the group-buying websites in China is called gaopeng, this is a joint venture with tencent do. As early as last year 6 the two companies announced that gaopeng will rival F merge, pressuring the bargain.