Ballmer is Microsoft announced a major reorganization plan on Thursday

science and technology of foreign media reported All ThingsD, ballmer is likely to be in this Thursday, publicly announced for the company’s major reorganization.

given that Microsoft is a global partners meeting, at the moment this restructuring decided to release time, was considered very rich.

Microsoft now on all fronts are faced with the challenge of competition.

, ballmer hope through this “big reshuffle” let Microsoft into a “equipment + service” new mobile Internet enterprise. Professional analysis, reorganization after the following four: the power of the people will be greatly enhanced by Skype chief executive Tony Bates (Tony Bates), head of Microsoft’s server and tools business Satya Della (Satya Nadella), WP software director Terry Myerson and Windows larsson Greene, director of (Julie Larson – Green).

in addition, according to sources, Microsoft’s online services division director Qi Lu (Qi Lu, is mainly responsible for Bing search business, may receive the Office to the department. And the current Windows CFO and CMO, tammy, le (Tami Reller) will also be promoted, President of Microsoft’s sales department. At present, we do not yet understand the current Windows Office President del bain movements.

besides major restructuring announcement, Mr. Ballmer also plans to “subversion” Microsoft had released quarterly results. Microsoft may no longer provide detailed each part of the earnings, but focuses on the overall profit and loss.

to protect some low growth or endangered department, from Wall Street’s scrutiny and criticism. But, after all, this could be a step backward, in the field of software, Microsoft is one of the few companies released to the outside world clear results.

but if the restructuring plan can really help Microsoft in the PC era to regain the glory of our past, from the long-term development perspective, investors also benefit.