Baidu’s readers contribute 】 【 tickets is still in the search!

360 search, finally let baidu to understand the importance of channels, UC natural became baidu one of the most important aspects of the mobile Internet strategy, holding the news of the UC became menstruation, whether capital hype or wishful thinking, an analyst, as more and more to join, plot the onlookers see lotta more warmly. Recently, the sources said baidu gave up the attempt to “not for sale” UC “ control, this is a good choice for after baidu and weigh.

rift with the “gas” UC through baidu

open a browser on the mobile end users frequency is far lower than the PC side, the web site all kinds of custom APP use experience is better. Low status, in addition to the machine age to save the function flow is known for its UC , not in bad traffic 3 g age also is not so competitive. Said UC gas, may pose his own share of the revenue and game platform said refuses to accept, but when it comes to the future, whether have very humbled.

UC the future pressure on the HTML technology, hope to establish their own application platform in the browser. But HTML oneself still faces an uncertain future, did not form a unified standard in the technical direction and performance by native APP . Facebook admit mistakes, to give up with HTML development and application of the blow. Even HTML , APP implementation platform, the smile is the firefox OS . UC important revenue in the game, the is not the baidu really see.

yes, baidu is the UC built-in baidu search, baidu 360 search 1 10% share the things in the mobile terminal repeats itself, the repeatedly YY investment even if success is a defensive measure will, UC carry baidu’s future.

UC has its own development direction, baidu care about traffic. Through, how can happiness together!

make your own entry, baidu mobile Internet tickets is still in search of

the first mobile Internet ticket – micro letter, or tencent’s most good at communications. Another bet his home is about to get a ticket of golden hill, is nothing more than the product extension on the mobile end. Baidu products currently on the mobile end function repeat, are in disarray. Which is specialized in “baidu” search application, combined with hot spots, a novel module not let users with another app “palm baidu” the difference between the confused. But the built-in browser capabilities of the weak, could not ridicule.

baidu want to get tickets, but should also in the search. According to the user using the PC habit, want to open a browser search the content, and then into the address bar enter keyword search operation process also needs to be simplified, especially in the mobile terminal screen treasure land. In the search bar at first, the input, or voice input search can simplify operation directly. The first screen! How many applications dream first screen! In fact, the position in search of the android mobile phone has been replaced by the weather and the clock application.

Hao123 to buy navigation control of the flow, the browser to control the flow to buy browser, so passive, why don’t you go to your entry. Since you no longer use the browser to read news, community, why not make a purely for search fast retrieval application, provide information to the user is suitable for mobile terminal speed reading.

no matter how the browser on the mobile end position, the demand of the search will not change. Allow the user to achieve rapid retrieval content, and use their mobile transcoding technology optimized web view reading experience. Do it well, at least, baidu’s status as a mobile terminal is not lost, or even mobile browsers can leather off life. Completes the entry, more do not need to worry about channel – at this time.

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