Baidu’s philharmonic live access failure lasting one day has not been repaired

some netizens to hunt cloud network revealed that, the cost of living website philharmonic live access problems, last day still not repairable.

cloud network editor hunting the philharmonic live (, found that indeed access failure problems.

philharmonic predecessor is baidu has ah.

in October 2010, baidu released beta, yes life channel to local information and service life. In April of 2011, the official online yes life platform, trial operation in Beijing. On December 1, 2011, baidu officially announced, has won tens of millions of dollars in financing, splitting the independent operation, independent company from the department of upgrades to the development of the electronic commerce strategy to accelerate the local life field. Released on December 27, 2011, the philharmonic live invite officially closed, launch China’s first life consumption sharing community, and in the domestic first successful release Timeline (axis) products.

philharmonic Cai Hu also from baidu, chief executive of live. Cai Hu in February 2009 to join baidu, baidu union general manager; In March 2010, the transfer of baidu e-commerce division general manager; At the end of November 2011, the chief executive officer to live philharmonic.

by hunting cloud network time, philharmonic live site is still in the access failure, its official contact phone number without any reply.