Baidu plus refund for free, with gold?

at the end of August decreased in hot summer weather is still hot, as the Internet the weather this year, although the m&a tide retreated a bit, but each application war “in full”. First jinshan fast start cloud storage wars, in the face of 1 t, 10 t of tencent, baidu huawei unlimited fire, opened up a new battlefield, jinshan for bosses themselves become cannon fodder.

now, navigation dispute began. At four o ‘clock in the afternoon on August 28th, baidu suddenly announced its baidu “navigation” completely free. After three hours, “Scott navigation” also announced a full free. The breaking news of the Internet but don’t lose the social hot spots, all the tit for tat, the smoke flavour is dye-in-the-wood. Just less than two years into the field of navigation baidu, free style?

navigation market ARPU less than one yuan

I see this news first reaction is “navigation is not free of charge? The two navigation received fee?” So, I’ll study about how the two navigation charge, first of all, to be sure the navigation charging for version and a free version of the APP, most people use must be free of charge. Iresearch reports to: in 2012, China mobile map and user navigation market size of 253 million people, the growth rate of 62.2%. Although has hundreds of millions of users, from the size of the market to see the navigation market ARPU less than 1 yuan.

compared with the free version, the premier edition provides higher navigation accuracy, more navigation services, including navigation information, downloadable offline, etc., including non hotspots for navigation and so on. The news that the forth in April during the earthquake, Scott had announced its limited-time free strategy map. On April 29 back to the state of charge in the future. Should say high precision for navigation, more suitable for the professional application of professional industry, and the gold price 50 yuan, baidu navigation 30 yuan, compared to a few hundred dollars at the navigator a lot cheaper.

today, mobile navigation with “free” banner, with higher precision navigation service in general, for users is a good thing, but in this everybody is eager to make stunt, eye-catching s, even can’t see the moon “the Mid-Autumn festival has insurance companies are willing to compensation”, navigation free gimmick, material is insufficient, is a mystery.

like Scott navigation enterprise, the main source of revenue from selling data, including service enterprises and individuals. But a rule in the development of the Internet is not allow to ignore, is the foundation of the instrumental application is very difficult to make a lot of, such as qr code. Navigation is belong to this type of application, the difference in the navigation itself has a lot of data, can buy, but in fact data acquisition cost is not low.

a competition navigation way out lies in the innovation and technology

so navigation way out in where? A free, open, get the user… Then commercialized, it is a clear way. Baidu map navigation, Scott free of charge, at this time. With “free” stunt to attract more users, thereby to develop after the formation of the power, to provide users with more service, finally realizes the commercial.

navigation application is rigid demand, but baidu mobile Internet trends, according to a report in the first quarter of 2013 is the average time navigation application 7 minutes a day. Data reflects is embarrassing navigation app can’t meet the demand of users. The current navigation can do is right and car “cognitive relations”, but lack of people, vehicles, roads, the relationship between “mutual knowledge” of the time.

, for example, I want to know the road at this time whether congestion “dynamic information”, this requirement shall be more than the basic navigation requirements, however, a lot of navigation don’t have the dynamic service, baidu is a, have the consciousness of baidu navigation is to avoid congestion navigation options, combined with real-time traffic constantly adjust the route, the function to be familiar with the road users are attractive.

and free navigation, navigation open platform strategy is inevitable, this will make navigation may be connected to the entry level application, baidu navigation saw the trend is clearly, announced the first free, through innovative ideas and their own technology advantages, through free users surge, is definitely the right strategy.

on August 29, CEO Scott said at the news conference, “baidu is the Internet company, originally should not to collect fees, navigation professional should not give users lose money, we have charge the past is the traditional pattern, and officially free today, later can’t charge, for the past charge users can only say sorry.” The audience a embarrassed laugh.

maybe, baidu challenges the traditional navigation, is to achieve such effect, be a “spoiler catfish”.