Baidu or replacing video with love in the search?


, according to people familiar with the internal baidu executives have been discussion about iQIYI to replace baidu video, but because of the involved too much interests chain and huge risk, this proposal has finally been shelved.

according to people familiar with the matter, although in the short term, baidu not radical, but look from the morphology of the product, after Google’s acquisition of Youtube in 2006, it took six years to replace with Youtube, Google Video, baidu’s iQIYI founded three years, however, so far the person thinks, baidu and iQIYI on products is the future trend of consolidation, it’s just not right now.

we collect baidu internal to some of the arguments, which support the view that:

1, Google has abandoned last year Google Video service, and to integrate its Youtube into the search engine, Google’s this practice is worth using for reference.

2, after the acquisition of PPS in the love have to compete with youku tudou strength, if this time again with the help of baidu’s traffic advantages, will make the nation’s largest video website.

object to this discussion is:

1, the United States is a Youtube video market dominance, the pattern is totally different from Hulu and Netflix, domestic video website model is the same, so considering the actual situation, baidu can not copy the practice of Google.

2, for the video web site, baidu is still a huge flow of entrance, video website is still lucrative for baidu.

Google is synonymous with search 3, the United States market, and recently, baidu has enormous challenges by 360, replacing baidu with love in the video then declares war on the industry, such as bringing video website could have cooperation to 360, this approach does more harm than good.

the end result of the discussion is: baidu did not in the search service integration iQIYI services, existing baidu video service is still the tech-oriented web search.

meanwhile, baidu also overhaul of the existing team also.

other sources revealed to us, belong to two big business department before av with baidu baidu video since June of this year has begin to integrate.

adjust details is: since June of this year, baidu video team began to integrated into baidu video, and so much money by baidu to top 360 company product VP Hu Hao as a director at the helm of the new team.

before the adjustment, although there have been a number of cooperation, audio and video baidu baidu but still belong to different lines of business, including video belongs to the department of vertical search, baidu baidu video belong to the client department. Of the original architecture as baidu internal business line integration and break, vertical search department is zoned to charge into the top business group, and the original baidu video head is to leave then.

team after consolidation, audio and video baidu baidu began to integrate in a product, at present on the IOS platform, audio and video baidu baidu have merged into one APP.

although baidu video integration the baidu video team, but it may be at this stage of transition.

in the first place, no matter from Mr. Li to attend the launch iQIYI Internet TV, or the acquisition of PPS m&a iQIYI’s view, iQIYI has become baidu core strategy in the field of video.

and the integration of audio and video of baidu baidu is still the biggest advantage of pirated video search from the Internet to provide to the user, Internet piracy infest apparently won’t be in the love looking forward to seeing the situation. In giant companies such as baidu, non-core once the project is fully development at the core of the project with the company form the conflict, the result without words.

second, such as electricity has a monopoly position in the field of taobao, search engine is no longer the most important external traffic sources. Has not yet formed an absolute giant video web site, but from the current video industry of the whole trend, has a monopoly of video oligarchs once formed, will also get rid of the dependence on search engine traffic. This situation if appear, baidu Video in the future will also suffered the same fate as Google Video.

the content above, baidu declined to comment.

source: sohu IT