Baidu map: apple, and prevention Zhou Hongyi hidden behind

map of recent industry reacts to again, this is a cloud network hunting in October 2012 an article on the map, it now seems very valuable, xiao yun to turn up for the reader see:

baidu map became independent business spin-off was founded out, which means that the department of strategic status of ascension. Robin li, in view of the mobile Internet is drunk driving began the layout.

the personage inside course of study to the huntsmen cloud network, said baidu split is to see the map of strategic position, in the mobile Internet usage scenario, the map will be regular project, flow entrance plus and geographic location information of the combination of a variety of business applications makes the market prospects are extremely attractive, map behind another gold mine. Recently, apple replacement to Google maps, for their own apple was a map to the user a complain, apple has therefore an apology. Event is also regarded as apple and Google for mobile Internet boss break time.

send force to baidu, robin li, what is behind the map?

apple on baidu, and prevent

apple to provide Chinese users iOS 6 devices, including tablet, iPhone and ipod touch, the default search support baidu. At the same time, apple’s next generation desktop operating system, Mac OS X Mountain Lion Safari, will also add optional as Chinese users search engine baidu.
Apple’s decision to baidu is extremely excited, except in China has a large number of client (data showed 30 million m), will also win the brand reputation. Apple for multiple reasons to baidu search friendly as well. One is that due to the Google server moved to Hong Kong, the original Google search is quite unstable, harm the user experience. Second, from the global scope, Google will be one of apple’s biggest rival. Apple doesn’t want to continue to raise the Google search brand, raise a crocodile.

since apple will put baidu search is set to the default, why not put the baidu map is set to the default? The apple has multiple consider inside. One is that apple in China is originally built in Google maps, but Google maps of the licence has been long overdue by the Chinese government audit, which has caused considerable risk, no licence, it won’t work in China, apple more reluctant to hurt yourself. Second, in addition to the licence, Google the identity of the two-way merchants also for apple. Because Google is using gold map data in China. Now apple kicked Google, services provided by Scott directly, save intermediate link. And apple chose not to use baidu map is a conservative strategy, intended to guard against baidu map brands continue to do big, apple may have in China to consider as a map?

from apple’s co-operation, baidu got the experience. Baidu must strategically, with a global vision to look at the competition of mobile Internet, apple, Google and even future competition. Map is an opportunity.

profile hidden behind gold

last November, Scott software formally appointed zhou Scott independent directors. This brings to the competitive map war more means.

cloud network think hunting, apple and marriage of gold must be let Zhou Hongyi happy, first of all, apple did not give baidu map opportunity, instead put all of the meat to all Allies gold, gold will benefit greatly. Second, search after remove sogou search, 360 map is seeking partners, obviously, gold is the most suitable candidate. That is definitely stronger in the future.

in baidu, sogou, SOSO in the context of the search market share, flow entrance battle map will be tragic. Zhou alliance gold strategic intent is obvious.

baidu in 360 with a channel advantage to a large share of later, never allowed to let 360 soldiers from the cut on the map. Map must be defend position.