Baidu launched the first financial products “mad” today

“baidu financial centre, financial management platform” best hair today officially launched, its official website ( 8. can normal visit, marking the baidu’s formal financial sector into the Internet.

it is understood that the “best” launched jointly by baidu’s financial center, huaxia fund, annual yield up to 8%, will adopt the method of set limit to sell, fully guaranteed by the China investment guarantee co., LTD. Send the lowest investment threshold for 1 yuan. After sales support to redeem, instant cash withdrawals, convenient user capital flow.

, according to official baidu baidu as many as ten million times a day about “financial”, “financial management” and other keyword search request, this is the will of a large number of users in the financial sector, real show. Baidu said it would use the thinking of the Internet, the use of big data analysis and mining technology, fully understand the financial needs and preferences of the masses, based on the user experience on customization and purchase financial products innovation, to help users with minimum time costs to maximize investment returns, and to ensure that the whole process of foolproof.

as partners in the “best” plan, the relevant person in charge of fund of an ancient name for China, said the vertical search and comparison, financial products innovative monetary fund financial management products, such as P2P platform, as well as the comprehensive transformation of the traditional financial, is now the Internet companies to enter the financial sector a few to start.