Baidu finance and financial supermarket 91 360 and other vertical search cooperation


Beijing time on November 1, it is reported that recently get broadband capital of 60 million yuan A round of the 91 financial supermarket has made cooperation in baidu, access baidu financial bosom open platform.

baidu is actively in the field of Internet financial layout, in addition to the previous large dispute caused by the financial planning, baidu launched another financial financial “baidu” search product was launched two months ago, the symbol of “financial bosom” project is the biggest project, baidu in the financial sector layout by baidu “close search” is responsible for the other team, will give full play to the baidu huge entrance and flow distribution in the field of financial search ability.

it is understood that the project is now 91 and 91 financial supermarket, be in harmony, and other vertical search companies to establish financial cooperation.

91 broadband capital financial supermarket recently, warp/weft vc institutions such as A round of investment, financing amount is RMB 60 million yuan. The company is a buy online financial products and sales platform, through a free, customized consulting type service, help the Internet users with the fastest speed, lowest cost, access to the most suitable for their own financial products. Due to the current capacity of baidu have entrance is a relationship between upstream and downstream industry chain, thus getting an invitation to the baidu has in-depth cooperation.

as Microsoft’s first enterprise incubator, financial supermarket in early September 91 became the first reported by CCTV “news broadcast” Internet financial companies.

91 financial supermarket founder Xu Zewei had previously said in an interview, 91 financial supermarket model is the traditional “offline” financial intermediary service moved to online, through the standardization, transparency, high efficiency, free Internet mode, has solved the traditional financial intermediary service mode of the disadvantages of high fees, opaque, service is uneven.

another important partners include melting, 360, the financial industry, it claims to be the baidu, the biggest investors behind it is where the net ZhuangChen super, founder of baidu internal relations has a lot of contacts and resources, expected in cooperation will play a role.

, according to people familiar with the baidu’s financial financial “baidu” search products ( has launched two months ago, but quickly adjusted, remove the personal loan business, only credit card application. Reportedly financial are closely contact several vertical search baidu company, such as financial supermarket, 91 to 360, expect each access to baidu financial close open platform.

according to the analysis, because of the financial business is completely localization business, transaction process is very complex, baidu financial will be above the entrance of the flow, strengthening the cooperation of the third party, the joint occupation of the financial sector.