Baidu and Scott deeper factors are behind the fear of ali

recently, baidu gold war again, strong nothing less than a few months before navigation a service free of charge. You attack me to a few back and forth, the two sides anxious.

of course, the focus of the debate with Gao Dezhi mainly lies in the baidu battle over the entrance to the navigation map, the recent spread the voice of baidu buying public comments also deepened the public opinion to baidu again LBS + O2O the layout of the attention. In fact, a deeper look, the baidu and Gao Dezhi war, can be said to be the battle of ali’s sniper.

baidu sniper ali will be under the first strike gold

rival, baidu and the contradiction between the gold is inevitable. Before ali gold investment, the two also happy, but after ali stake in gold, competitive relationship between the two sides quickly upgrade to a new strategic height, and navigation free let both sides of the contradiction and explode.

comprehensive research institute and a number of data, baidu mobile map market share with gold, gold has been far ahead, and it has always been famous for professional in the field. Baidu to a relatively high and low, in the business and ali that is giving them before ali did not form absolute advantage, this is baidu must choose a path.

baidu layout on the mobile end, ali and tencent less than many. Its mobile phone map business or relative to be take. So, baidu wants to gain a foothold in the mobile Internet market, it is only this card out baidu mobile map.


LBS + O2O model is not to copy, and is not strong, but copy + break behind there will always be a strong resistance. Ali itself has a strong O2O resource, not investment Meituan and tintin, ali’s own local life that clean out treasure, taobao dot, bargain, taobao has very strong local life services such as travel business resources, and gold as a the service function of navigation map terminal application, for ali provides the front end of the service for users. Imagine that such a powerful product portfolio model, if baidu want to move, He Yi?

we look at the map of ali’s business. In mobile mapping and navigation, ali is responsible for the investment gold 2.94 $ 28% of the company, in addition to send Cai Chong letters and Eddie wu as auxiliary gold gold directors in mobile client development. Mr. Tsai as ali gold director is the core of the elders do cheer for gold and ali and wireless President Eddie wu is for ali and gold business docking, including gold in Tmall shuangshi to participate in activities is a positive attempt.

assured ali mobile map and navigation to Scott care market, and their focus to the development of the local market (may be idle up recently began to and ), this let ali saved a lot of things. Baidu on the one hand, busy on mobile map and navigation and gold for upper, on the one hand, and to set out to develop local life service market.

so, orderly investment in every line layout, ali has been baidu wasn’t too much time. For the sake of the future market position, baidu certainly need not hold to gold.

in order to ensure the advantage baidu buying public comment on possible

for baidu, LBS + O2O business portfolio is the life line of the mobile Internet field is very important, in order to guarantee the advantage, first, baidu intentional purchase public comments should not be fake. Although the public comments on denied the rumors, but there is no smoke without fire, probably the two sides have been in contact, just in the way of cooperation, management, and haven’t wind up on the amount.

we put the baidu and ali existing main LBS + O2O listed business layout, baidu, baidu map +