Application system, first, samsung, Intel held a $4 million reward for Tizen developer contest

according to foreign media reported CNET science and technology, samsung and Intel is planning to “price” of $4 million, in order to encourage developers to develop applications for its mobile operating system. It is reported, who won in application developer, will get cash prizes ranging from $50000 to $200000.

Tizen, also known as tai ze, a mobile operating system based on open source, USES the Linux kernel and its running, devices including smartphones, tablets, vehicle information (IVI) and smart TV entertainment equipment. On January 17, 2012, samsung announced are integrated into the Tizen. Since samsung with Intel cooperation and common development and management of the system. For a long time, Tizen considered samsung to get rid of the most effective way of excessive dependence on Android. For Intel, they expect Tizen they can bring more chips customers to order.

however, Tizen and other new operating systems, such as WP, blackberry, Firefox OS, Ubuntu for Phone, etc.), are facing a serious problem – how to recruit enough developers, to establish their own application ecosystem. The samsung and Intel held a contest of application developers, it is in order to encourage more developers, develop application for Tizen platform.

it is understood that the deadline for developers to submit application for November 1, contest judges to judge for November 4 to November 25th, and the final awards will be announced in December.

as the game application widely popular in the mobile user, this contest grand prize – $200000, will vest in the best game developers. Other award application a maximum bonus of $120000. In addition, the top 10, application developers based on HTML 5 bonus of $50000. According to the report, the developers of the application of competition of total $4.04 million, will eventually produce nine categories of 50 awards application developers.

since the mobile world congress (MWC) after its debut, samsung and Intel have been clamouring for Tizen system, they hope to have more and more people interested in Tizen. Early in May this year, Tizen Foundation has held a developers conference in San Francisco.

currently supported Tizen operators including Sprint Nextel NTT Docomo, Japan and the United States. In addition, the original plan in this month’s first Tizen system mobile phone, but because of some problems with the app store, and delayed until the fourth quarter of this year.