Apple’s new tablet opinion, expected good sales

although apple has yet to experience the new Air, but the public response was very positive. Surprisingly the public for the new Mac OS X giant attitude.

Topsy is a real-time social information aggregation company, mainly analyzes the Twitter messages.

“the public response, (rather than the reaction of the media) to predict sales”, Topsy representative told reporters in the mail. “Giant operating system and the news has attracted the most attention, MacBook and Mac updates to attract attention can’t compare with the former two.”

the following is Topsy analysis of this conference for apple:


from 10 a.m. to noon Pacific time during this period of apple conference, Twitter created 323000 new the discussion. This activity is very surprising, 2 hours nearly 750000 Tweets associated with apple conference. Key words “apple” came in second, the “giant” ranked third.

giant strong attention, related to its competitive price: free of charge.


Topsy said: “the further analysis about Twitter users about the discussion, will find that the Air to cause the attention of the vast majority of users.”

this is understandable. After all, this is an apple conference. Everyone is looking forward to the fifth generation, lighter and more compact, the latest 64 chip processor, better camera the Air caused a praise.

however, more praise is apple’s new operating system, giant might benefit from it “free” pricing strategies. In the process of the entire event, positive tweets of 3:1 advantage over the number of negative news, and reached its peak in the late press conference.


if public opinion on Twitter can predict sales, that there is no doubt that the company will have a wonderful Christmas holiday.