Apple’s iOS will kill unofficial from charging line 7

by previous apple iPhone and the an accident touches, the silicon valley technology giant apple iOS 7 block on unofficial third party “lightning” interface charge line ( Lighting cable ) and charger. Those used in the iPhone and the on the authorized data/ charging line, is embedded with a can of its certification and then permitted to use the chip on the device. One might say, before those unauthorized charger after cracking has been used in the iOS . Apple said, in the subsequent upgrade will likely to unofficial charger said “no”!

in addition, allegedly flexible scheme allows in iOS7 , but the process is very tedious, that is enough to make people who use harmful charger instead looking for official authorized products directly. As early as in the 7 month, Chinese apple online we can see the official charger performance index is introduced. Happened before that, 23 , China southern airlines flight attendant marc Allen said in answering the charging iPhone by the electric shock accident death, the unofficial product for charging with the charger.

then similar accident happen again, including a man by his 4 shock in a coma, and the other a man allegedly come into contact with the daughter in the room the when the fly. To the largest extent, put an end to the use of unauthorized charger, apple launched the power adapter, discount buy plan to bring imitation or fake charger and spending 10 $can get apple’s official charger. The project started in multiple countries, including the United States, China and other countries such as Australia ( and the Australian dollar), Canada ( 11 c), France ( 10 the euro), Germany ( 10 the euro), Japan ( 1000 the yen), Britain ( 10 pounds).