Apple’s apprentice do futures Millet television unable to solve the problem of mass production

the author: rui-gang liu

Steve jobs is gone, but its in the world there are still many believers, lei jun is one of the most typical among them, the maintenance of this person acting on the “Michael” image, and to its own every time new product release and apple elements themselves. This is an apple to imitate the, don’t like his call it the apple’s hold an apprentice. Now, the apple apprentice step much earlier than his teacher introduced a smart TV, its main + hunger marketing is firstly used to make free long futures.

in the recent millet TV conference, lei jun started a new round of show. High-end LG and samsung SVA and IPS screen, qualcomm Xiao dragon quad-core chips, beautiful MIUI TV operation system based on Android customization, plus 3 d smart TV, lei jun gives a price of 2999 yuan. This product is not, of course, is all the welfare of the people, because the futures products to the middle of October to launch, and only 500 units.

this incredible low price, lei jun cost control is how to do? If can do this, lei jun home appliance vendors will follow suit follow up triggering the avalanche of home appliance price? If lei jun just at large to drink, so, what is his intention? Sohu home appliance visited numerous experts and professional home appliance manufacturer, hope we can get the answer, and the outline of a true lei jun for people.

apple apprentice business: spoiler in futures markets

it is said that in the millet mobile phone conference, haven’t seen around individual media will be lei jun aura to shock. But many of the journalists participated in the apple conference, said it was a complete performance, imitation is the late Steve jobs and apple conference, LeiJunYi gourd ladle, kuang lived a group of fans.

apple has a hunger marketing, millet mobile phone get a futures purchase; Apple has a group of fruit powder, millet is out of a batch of rice; However, it is worth mentioning that in many jobs imitators, lei jun is one of the most like, it is this with the aid of the hype of apple type, lei jun blew the millet technology $10 billion valuation.

the TV conference, lei jun come-down the essence of its copy apple again. High-end LG and samsung SVA and IPS screen, qualcomm Xiao dragon 600 quad core 1.7 GHz processor, beautiful MIUI TV operation system based on Android customization, plus 3 d smart TV, lei jun gives a price of 2999 yuan. The scene of the rice noodles is no longer a cheer, but scream.

lei jun millet TV is defined as “the young man’s first TV”, however, whether the TV in the true sense of pratt &whitney TV? The answer is no. China is a country with a huge TV demand, only a skyworth, one year TV shipments will reach 10 million m. This is the real production ability of the company, but only 500 units of millet first.

Beijing yi kang era of a market research company general manager Peng Xiandong argues that to realize mass production is not impossible, but could be a cost price 2999 yuan, millet TV gross margin will be too low to imagine, enterprises do not make money, this is also why the first batch of only 500 units. Millet TV conference, not to sell the television, but there are other purposes.

so, what is the real aim of millet? Well-known home appliance expert Liang Zhenpeng unashamedly said, millet TV first few months the possibility of profit is zero, belongs to the typical loss-leader. However, for a company is good at speculation, it is not surprising, 500 TV for advertising, and values.

there are view, millet is one happens under the pressure losses. For example, home appliance industry expert, Mr Le Luo Qingqi think consulting senior directors, millet TV price is very low, similar to the millet Television such operations, is to bear the loss of pressure, the bet is its future TV platform construction, the ecological system of smart TV how to make money, now still not clear, but the future is certainly will make money.

millet how to make money? Three strategies guess

1, the entrance for digital virtual society

the entrepreneur is not a philanthropist, lei jun introduced what is the real intention of millet TV? How will the company profit? “TV will become the future of digital virtual society an important entry, and millet with loss of pressure to do TV, is to grab the entrance.” Luo Qingqi thinks, “society is divided into two forms, one is the realistic society, is a digital virtual society, the future based on the function of the digital virtual society will appear, such as shopping, banking transactions, audio and video content will likely implement on TV, its derivatives will be a lot of money.”

this is a similar to “the story of aquarium free but eventually make money”. Children is usually the main aquarium visit people, has an aquarium unexpectedly announced to children for free. The practice guide to the direct consequence is, a lot of kids went to visit, although children don’t have to spend money, but parents want to buy a ticket. “Grasp the flow through the hardware, the people caught by other way to earn money.” Luo Qingqi thought.

lenovo, general manager of home appliance Ren Zhongwei argues that in the long run, millet will profit from the layout of the smart TV, but the profit model is not clear at present. In sohu home appliance interview then wei analysis, “not to smart TV charging mode can be diversified, but in the short term, not so fast can charge for this day to come. Payment takes time. Made an advertising media, such as myself or build a platform to, can be profitable model.”

2, the use of the goods flow to capital to fill

there is a kind of view is that millet is likely to take a similar jingdong, gome, of the goods flow through later do big way to make money. Luo Qingqi thinks, millet company in the future through the accumulation of a single model, the quantity is bigger, the price can be use to seek big subsidies, 2 it is to take up liquidity ways to make money.

3, tell a story and then circle more money from the capital market

in addition to the above two kinds of views, yi kang in home appliance research, managing Peng Xiandong proposed a third point of view, millet, at this stage is not to earn money to do TV, he thought, its purpose is to make money later, such as the content of earnings, the outside is, millet TV could only play the role of a story, because capital markets like listening to stories. Previously, millet relied on a story, to speak to the valuation of $10 billion.

to outsiders of millet: Internet firms difficult to shake the traditional home appliance manufacturers

millet TV behavior can bring traditional home appliance manufacturers threat? TCL’s answer is no. TCL company vice President Liang Qichun on millet TV, no threat, because millet TV won’t give priority to with the hardware. In the practice, millet TV Liang Qichun thinks, although millet TV don’t earn money, but is also a advertisement.

many industry experts also holds a similar view. Peng Xiandong believes that there is no threat, they do so, not impede take part of the sales, the sales volume of this command is very small, little influence to the enterprise. One is the home appliance market is bigger, 2 it is to their channels, not for a specific population.

Liang Zhenpeng a similar point of view, he said, millet pattern will not become the threat of a traditional home appliance manufacturers. There is no denying the fact that millet has carried on the exploration of Internet marketing modes. But the low profit or even loss of business, it is not long, not a sustainable profitable model.

but also has a different voice, for example, Luo Qingqi believes that the behavior of pure millet, will not bring any influence of home appliance manufacturers, theory is millet, or see, they have one thing in common, is just to focus on a particular niche market, such as a product of a single size of the TV, at present they do not have all the possibility of mass production, only by a single model to farmland. If, however, is similar to the small meters, depending on the manufacturer is much, will be a threat to traditional home appliance manufacturers, and even cause electrical appliances circle structural changes.

millet television and the significance of concern:

despite the criticism, but millet mobile phone if there is no positive side? Lenovo Ren Zhongwei appliances general manager, said Internet companies taking part in the field of smart TV, have a positive effect, that is to accelerate the popularization of smart TV. A fusion of the Internet and television, will produce a lot of profit model. This is an obvious trend, will promote the development and popularization of industry.

however, Ren Zhongwei also stressed, but this does not mean that Internet companies to do TV can be successful, they have a long way to go, this is a involves the hardware development, including channel construction, the big project, including after-sales service.

a similar scene in recent years. Smartphone boom, has a group of Internet companies to do mobile phones, such as baidu, 360, but they all failed. Hardware manufacturers in product design and development, has a very important advantage, especially before the user has not been formed the habit of pay for content.

although millet technology hard performance, but has some analysts see a millet’s concerns. Peng Xiandong thinks, the disadvantage of millet has two, one is the front end, raw materials procurement and manufacture, the same panel, large amount of traditional electric companies buying cheap; Just stick a card, and manufacturing, millet production design research and development of cooperation, the management of production control is not strict, certainly not a good product. Another is the back-end, on-site installation, after-sales maintenance, this is a very troublesome problem.

Liang Zhenpeng is more worried about millet TV process quality, it says, the hardware is not everyone can do, millet and apparent though immediately cut this area on the surface, but including research and development, including many aspects, such as logistics distribution, are all defects for millet.

in addition, millet television concern is reflected in its not professional. Conference, millet claims respectively adopted LG IPS screen and samsung SVA screen. But, be familiar with the panel of experts know, samsung is neither “SVA” screen. Data show that samsung has the VA LCD technology mainly include the PVA (Patterned Vertical Alignment), PVA improved version of the S – PVA Super (PVA) and C – PVA, no such a SVA screen. A even couldn’t clear product manufacturer to do household appliances, their professional degrees is worrying.