Apple’s app store the first large-scale brush list have been pushed out hundreds of well-known application of collective away

the personage inside course of study to the cloud network hunting today revealed that, apple’s app store occupied by a brush list water army, a large number of new applications are brush water army, a list of the top ranking list for free. This is apple’s app store for the first time in large, clear brush list.
Hunting cloud network login apple’s China app store, found that the free list sheet, top 100 almost all game applications, most is the new application of the game. Well-known free almost out of the 100 for the collective, only QQ doudizhu (53), the day the cat (69) and elong (75), and other narrowly row in the list.

list of brush is very common, has become the industry rules, but such a large brush list is relatively rare, the brush list and industry of vicious competition.” Analysis of the personage inside course of study says, this is the list of brush after losing orders to “revenge” behavior of peers.

apple for the brush list is not without supervision, ctrip and youku applications in December last year by apple from the shelves back on after (), all the game once global downloads. 5, after apple shelves, have been unable to shelves, the personage inside course of study to analysis the shelves events related to brush list. The other is an extreme example of 360’s application is still hasn’t recovered after apple from the shelves.

in March of this year, apple’s app store adjustment algorithm, brush caused a sharp rise in the cost of brush list company foreign price surge. Brush is still a list of apple in the ecological industry chain in a business do not look down upon the gray, resulting in some really good difficult to head, brush list behavior serious erosion of apple’s own health, too.

as of the time, the obvious brush list for the large-scale behavior, apple has yet to make any adjustments.