Apple will transfer to overhaul iOS7 interface

every rumor like apple projects and products, the upcoming iOS7 also suspect that goal. Latest reports focus as a goal, the design of the apple master which Jony Ive. It is reported that the authority will to overall design again, this time it will be around in the imitation of the real world for minimalist. Is the design of the crisis? Looks more like a race.

compared to past apple’s announcement, the surrounding iOS7 – a new generation of apple’s mobile operating system — the secrecy work can be done way too tight.

there are reports that the company will improve the electronic mail and calendar app and will further expand the operating system’s gesture library to match the apple OS X products.

apple is full of enthusiasm for research and development of its app makers iOS7, in June it will host the annual apple worldwide developers conference (WWDC). According to reports, in order to make the OS to the deadline, apple from other divisions and skillful craftsman, but some of the app, such as E-mail, it may not be able to design completed in a timely manner.

but there seems to be a common voice in shows that the new iOS will be a major overhaul of interface – a will make the style and the transformation of the design more satisfaction.

No frills design

Michael Morgan, a mobile device, analysts said by ABI Research user interface will most likely from skeuomorphic (software interface design imitation of real texture) position, a software design concept of imitating real-world counterparts – to simple, more functional design concept.

Through MacNewsWorld

he said: “after Ive took over the design, we have been looking forward to in that direction. Mr Jonathan Paul (which Jony Ive is apple’s senior vice President of industry design, he has long time to be in the company inner part of the mobilization to abandon skeuomorphic design concept.

when Scott Forstall, skeuomorphic design concept’s main backers, as apple map disaster happened after leaving the company, it is said that this kind of design concept has been a funeral.

groomed, President of Creative Strategies, points out that Ive wanted to bring to the design of the user interface before and after a consistency, this design on the consistency was unable to reach skeuomorphic design concept.

groomed by MacNewsWorld said: “he had in mind is a tidy, like books as more intuitive interface design, rather than have all sorts of frills around it.

leaders become a follower?

Bajarin said, abandon skeuomorphics design concept is not only an aesthetic breakthrough. He said: “apple is ultimately want it all the products look and feel of a characteristic clear and specific. Although skeuomorphic design method also is pretty good, because it seems realistic to some extent to imitate the objective items, but do not want that apple.

he said: “the new iOS design will become a whole process makes the person on the vision and touch feel fresh and clean and rich consistency, which Jony do is make the design of” natural “to carve.

ABI ‘s Morgan said, although as rival Windows 8, blackberry and android are 10 presents a no-frills interface, but still not enough to be lifted the question of whether apple from leader to a follower of the debate.

he said: “apple never follow anyone, although the decision in internal debate for a long time indeed. People don’t buy apple phones because you knock it passed over a page. IOS real value lies in its simplicity of the user interface.”

better privacy

chief analyst Charles Golvin of Forrester Research, said apple has its “fruit” forever but always accompanied with criticism. He said: “some people say that the innovation of apple is unique, distinctive, but also some people said that apple’s design is full of copying others. “To learn from its rival apple innovation, it choose from their innovations and improvements, eventually introduce their products as apple’s innovation.”

Golvin further pointed out that compared with Windows and android live on transmitting information, iOS will make further improvement. “For me, apple can focus on the defects of other firms, and wise. Whether is described as an innovative product or an imitation, the final decision in the bystander eye “

now, it seems, until June conference, we knew little about the new OS, because apple for the latest version of the iOS the eggshell also package is sealed.

BI Morgan said, now look for the secret of the upcoming product seems to become more and more complicated, but unless it may be delayed, or he really didn’t have heard a lot of information about iOS7. Whether it is the secret of a better, or don’t have to talk about, all of these will become worse.