Apple will push streaming music service Royalties than Pandora

according to foreign media reports, two sources close to apple soon launch a service flow music licensing agreement with two big record company, apple licensing fees paid to a record company is higher than streaming music service Pandora.

in recent weeks have a lot of talk that apple is trying to push down prices paid to record company authorized, apple pay for streaming music service authorized prices will only about half of Pandora.

technology site CNET that apple plans to the streaming music services will also provide a new revenue channel. The sources said, apple streaming music service for consumer may contain way to buy music fast – may thus promote the sales of iTunes, and apple plans to launch the audio advertising revenue sharing.

apple flow may bind in iTunes music services, support for mobile devices.

apple spokeswoman did not comment.

the sources said, apple may be next week with warner music and universal music streaming music service authorization agreement. But they warned that the two sides have not been formally deal may be fruitless negotiations. In addition, apple need to reach a deal with SONY music and music publishers.

apple has notified the record company, the company will launch a service flow music in the summer before the required authorization agreement. The sources said, in addition to the United States, apple is expected to launch in other markets streaming music services, including Britain, France, Germany, Australia and Japan.

one source said, though the media will be apple’s streaming music service called “iRadio”, but in negotiations with the record company, apple will be a service called “the new flow service”.

, according to people familiar with apple’s streaming music service similar to Pandora’s most, because it does not provide on-demand services. A, according to people familiar with the apple in the development of common streaming music service functions, such as return to the beginning of a song.

the sources said, apple and record companies are still in negotiations. Advertising revenue into proportion ratio. The record company requirements will be divided into the proportion to 35% – 35%.

over the years there have been media reports that apple in the development of streaming music service or paid music service. Apple has occupied nearly two-thirds of legal downloading music market, increase the possibility for apple to launch new services.

the Apple is on the desktop version of iTunes and Apple TV set-top boxes with streaming music services, but not on the iOS with streaming music service.

apple iOS upgrade package is released in February found that there are several mentioned “radio” (radio) button and a part of the code, but the code has not been activated.

source: sohu it